Since the organization’s creation in 1998, thousands of filmmakers, actors, musicians, and crew members have benefited from President Eric Colley (a director, producer, and actor) created IndieClub because he saw a need for an organization geared at connecting people in the industry as well as encouraging entertainment organizations to work together. IndieClub partners with many filmmaking organizations as well as one-time events and festivals in order to offer our members additional benefits and help promote the entire independent filmmaking and arts community. The club continues to gain international exposure and grow in numbers.

Colley teamed up with IndieClub Business Manager Hallie Shepherd (a writer, producer, and actress) after they met at an IndieClub meeting in 2002. Several of their short films have received awards and festival play, including "Cherry Sorbet," a Seattle International Film Festival winner, and "Mistaken," a 25-minute 16mm short film that premiered at Cannes. Their first foray into the area of feature filmmaking was a co-written project: GPS, a low-budget thriller shot for $200,000. GPS brought Colley and Shepherd together with other IndieClub members as they rounded out the cast and crew for the movie. Making GPS was an instrumental experience that helped teach them what works (and what doesn’t) in the translation from page to set to editing room to big screen. A two-hour “Making Of” Documentary included on the GPS DVD highlights their experience of learning about filmmaking by getting out there and actually making a movie.

Colley and Shepherd continue to work in commercial production. They currently have two movies in development, and they are also developing a slate of television shows through their film production company (Fireshoe) and another Seattle-based company (Imigri).





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