I began acting for audiences in 1996, at the local college theater in Elko, NV, while attending the school for my degree in Computer Information Technology. Since then I have done extra work for many major films, including Disney’s “Going to the mat” and “Pixel Perfect/Virtual Perfection”, as well as the Television Series’ “Touched by an Angel” and “Everwood”. I have also worked on many independent films, playing unique characters such as the Romanian gypsy Dijona, in “Stain”.  I was also able to utilize my martial arts skills doing stunt work when I was cast as Lemurian-3, in an episode of the web series “Raising Kayn”.

I have earned degrees in Computer Information Technology and Paralegal Studies. I have also recently earned my bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology, which I hope will open more doors for me in my acting career as well as other areas. With this degree, I also minored in Digital Media (emphasis in Cinema Production) and Theater Performance.

I truly enjoy everything about being on a film set, and I am extremely interested in all aspects of the film making process.

Talent Resume’ Listed Below:

Height: 4’ 11” Weight: 140 lbs Hair: Red Eyes: Blue/Green


Student Body (webseries)                         Student                                                   NEVAH LLC

Intel (2017 superbowl)  Commercial         Extra                                                        Caviar LA

The Comic Con                                              Black Widow                                          In The Trenches Entertainment

Saturdays Warrior                                         Extra                                                        Curiously Strong Productions

Watching Over You (Music Video)             Elizabeth (older)                                     Making Magic Productions

RIOT                                                                 Pedestrian                                               Riot Movie LLC

Applause                                                        Book Reader                                            Art Institute Student Film

Crossed Roads                                             Ronda (Social Worker)                            Alvaro Aguayo       

Darker Side of the Moon                             Claire/Other woman                                Angela Wilkins

The Last Case                                               Rebecca Beldon                                       Angela Wilkins/Desert Magnolia Pr

Sally                                                                 Student in hall                                          Utah Valley University Student Film

All About Eve Scene                                      Margo                                                        Utah Valley University Student Film

Sometimes it Burns                                     Distraught Woman/abused wife           Rocket Pencil Productions

127 Hours                                                        Press & Background                              Rapid films

Untitled Vampire Comedy                           Student                                                      Untitled Vampire Comedy

The Last Eagle Scout                                    Security Systems Employee                 Ampersand Films

Raising Kayn (web series)                           Lem3(stunts and fighting)                    5 Rainbow Family Films

Gentlemen Broncos                                       Church Member/Background             Bronco Productions LLC

The Jerk Theory                                             High School Student                              The Jerk Theory INC

Suite 507                                                           Samantha                                                 George David Films, LLC

Everwood                                                          High School Student                              Everwood Inc.

Paradise (pilot)                                                 Background                                            Elysium Productions Inc.

Disney’s Going to the mat                             Student                                                    Salty Pictures

Disney’s Virtual Perfection                           Student                                                    Salty Pictures

Plainsong                                                          Student                                                    McGee Street

Touched By An Angel                                      Office Worker                                        Caroline Casting



“8”                                                                                   Clerk                                       Utah Valley University Spectrum

Mikado                                                                           Chorus                                    Great Basin College (Nevada)

Macbeth                                                  Servant/Messenger/Soldier                      Great Basin College (Nevada)

Pullman Car Hiawatha                                                 Harriet                                    Great Basin College (Nevada)

Enter Laughing                                                             Wanda                                    Great Basin College (Nevada)

The Cherry Orchard                                                    Anya                                       Great Basin College (Nevada)

Crimes of The Heart                                                  Chick                                       Great Basin College (Nevada)



Portraits of Angels                                 Perennial Dreams Publications                November 2010

An October Evening                                Co/Ma Clothing                                       October 2008

Dark Arts Festival                                   Co/Ma Clothing                                      June 2008



Stage Combat                                                        Utah Valley University         Orem, Utah

Movement for Actors                                           Utah Valley University         Orem, Utah

Int. Ballroom Dance I                                           Utah Valley University         Orem, Utah

Acting workshop                                                   Christian Vuissa                   SLC. Utah

Acting workshop                                                  Jennifer Buster                     SLC, Utah

Acting workshop                                                   Pam Lockwood                     SLC, Utah

Acting Workshop                                                     Troy Lee                                 SLC, Utah

Intensive Scene/Auditioning workshop              Greg Hanes                           SLC, Utah

Kyokushin Karate                                                    Kiai/Tiger’s Eye Karate       Elko, Nevada


Special Skills:

Karate                   Computers           Dance                    Skating                 Bike riding           Some accents.

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