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VIEW 5.1 Channel Digital Sound The film digital sound exhibition standard which u...VIEW
VIEW A-Wind An indication of the emulsion position on a roll o...VIEW
VIEW A/B Printing Printing from original film stock which has been c...VIEW
VIEW A/B Rolls Two or more rolls of film having alternate scenes ...VIEW
VIEW Above the Line Refers to the creative elements of a production su...VIEW
VIEW AC Alternating Current. An electric current with peri...VIEW
VIEW Accent Light A light unit that emphasizes one subject. This mig...VIEW
VIEW Acetate Base The tranparent cellulose acetate plastic film whic...VIEW
VIEW Acetone An organic liquid chemical used in the manufacture...VIEW
VIEW Acoustics The science of the transmission of sound waves. Ge...VIEW
VIEW Action Cutting The cutting of film from one shot to another in a ...VIEW
VIEW ADC Analog-to-Digital Converter. An electronic device ...VIEW
VIEW Address Track A control/timing track on the edge of videotape wh...VIEW
VIEW ADR Automatic Dialog Replacement. Also known as "loopi...VIEW
VIEW Aerial Shot An extremely high angle view of a subject usually ...VIEW
VIEW Aliasing An undesirable distortion component that can arise...VIEW
VIEW Ambient Light General, nondirectional, room light. ...VIEW
VIEW Ambient noise The total sound in a given are which is peculiar t...VIEW
VIEW Amplitude The strength of an electronic signal as measure by...VIEW
VIEW Amplitude Distortion The nonlinear relation of input and output induced...VIEW
VIEW Analog An electrical signal that continuously varies in s...VIEW
VIEW Analog Recording A means of recording audio or video whereby the re...VIEW
VIEW Anamorphic An optical system having different magnifications ...VIEW
VIEW Angle of View This is the size of the field covered by a lens, m...VIEW
VIEW Answer Print The first print combining picture and sound which ...VIEW
VIEW Anti-Aliasing Filtering of erroneous frequencies that are create...VIEW
VIEW Aperture A variable opening inside a lens that regulates th...VIEW
VIEW Apple Box A box build of a strong wood or plywood which is c...VIEW
VIEW Arc A lighting unit that generates illumination from a...VIEW
VIEW ASA The exposure index or speed rating of a film which...VIEW
VIEW Aspect Ratio The proportion of picture width to height (1.331, ...VIEW
VIEW Asperity Noise (Hiss) Noise that is caused by minute imperfection...VIEW
VIEW Assemble The work of organizing and joining the shots of a ...VIEW
VIEW Associate Producer This is normally the person who acts as the liason...VIEW
VIEW Associational Editing The juxtaposition of shots in order to present con...VIEW
VIEW Asynchronous Sound Sound which is indigenous to the action but not pr...VIEW
VIEW Atmosphere Extras who are staged and photographed to portray ...VIEW
VIEW Attenuate To reduce a signal's strength....VIEW
VIEW Audible Spectrum When wave motion in the atmosphere has a frequency...VIEW
VIEW Automatic Slating A camera attachment which records the film shot an...VIEW
VIEW B-Wind An indication of the emulsion position on a roll o...VIEW
VIEW Baby Usually a reference to a 1K light unit. It is also...VIEW
VIEW Baby Legs A short tripod. ...VIEW
VIEW Baby Plate A steel plate with a baby pin (5/8 inch pin) welde...VIEW
VIEW Background This is a term with a broad range of meanings, dep...VIEW
VIEW Backing Track Prerecorded accompaniment for a singer or voiceove...VIEW
VIEW Backlight A light which is generally mounted behind a subjec...VIEW
VIEW Balance Stripe On magnetic-striped film, a narrow band of magneti...VIEW
VIEW Balanced An audio circuit with 3 wires, two which carry sig...VIEW
VIEW Bar Sheets - Lead Sheets A chart showing words of dialogue which have been ...VIEW
VIEW Barndoors Folding doors which are mounted on to the front of...VIEW
VIEW Base-to-Base Splice A splice made with the base side of the end of one...VIEW
VIEW Bazooka Similar to a 2K stand, but without support legs. I...VIEW
VIEW Beat A periodic variation of amplitude resulting from t...VIEW
VIEW Beaver Board A 2K pigeon on an apple box. ...VIEW
VIEW Bed Background music used underneath a narrator or for...VIEW
VIEW Beef The output of a light. ...VIEW
VIEW Beefy Baby A heavy duty 2K stand without wheels. ...VIEW
VIEW Beep A short duration sound track tone aligned to a poi...VIEW
VIEW Below the Line Refers to the technical elements of the production...VIEW
VIEW Best Boy The assistant chief lighting technician or the ass...VIEW
VIEW Bin A reference to a storage container lined with a cl...VIEW
VIEW Bit A minor acting role in which an actor may only spe...VIEW
VIEW Black Leader Opaque film leader used in conforming original fil...VIEW
VIEW Black Wrap Black Aluminum foil which is used for wrapping lig...VIEW
VIEW Blip Tone A sync pop. This is usually done by placing a piec...VIEW
VIEW Blocking Plotting actor, camera and microphone placement an...VIEW
VIEW Blonde An open face 2K lighting unit, also known as a 'mi...VIEW
VIEW Bloop The sound produced in an energized amplifier and s...VIEW
VIEW Blooping Any method of silencing unwanted noise produced by...VIEW
VIEW Blooping Tape Tape used to cover unwanted portions of sound trac...VIEW
VIEW Blow-Up A film enlargement from a smaller gauge of film to...VIEW
VIEW Bobbinet Black mesh cloth which is used for grip scrims. It...VIEW
VIEW Boom A telescoping arm for a camera or microphone which...VIEW
VIEW Bottom Chop A flag or cutter which is used to keep light off o...VIEW
VIEW Box Rental A fee or allowance paid to a crewmember for provid...VIEW
VIEW Branch Holder A pipe-like unit with a locking nut which is used ...VIEW
VIEW Breakdown The separation of a roll of camera original negati...VIEW
VIEW Breast Line A guide line attached to anything being hauled up ...VIEW
VIEW Broad A rectangular open-faced light which is used for g...VIEW
VIEW Brute A brute arc light, usually 225 amps DC powered....VIEW
VIEW Bulk Eraser A device which magnetically aligns all of the iron...VIEW
VIEW Burn-in Time Code A videotape in which a "window" displaying the tim...VIEW
VIEW Bus A mixing network that combines the output of two o...VIEW
VIEW Butt Splice A film splice in which the film ends come together...VIEW
VIEW Butt-Weld Splice A film splice made by joining the two pieces of fi...VIEW
VIEW Butterfly (Butterfly Kit) Assorted nets, silks, solids, and grifflons which ...VIEW
VIEW Butthead A producer who thinks he knows more about a film t...VIEW
VIEW C Stand A general purpose grip stand. ...VIEW
VIEW C-47 Ordinary wooden clothespins which are used to secu...VIEW
VIEW California Scrim Set A scrim set with two doubles. ...VIEW
VIEW Call Sheet A form which refers to all of the scenes to be fil...VIEW
VIEW Cam-Lok A feeder cable connector which is similar to a Twe...VIEW
VIEW Camera Angle The view point chosen from which to photograph a s...VIEW
VIEW Camera Blocking The process of notating the changing position of t...VIEW
VIEW Camera Log A record sheet giving details of the scenes or sho...VIEW
VIEW Camera Wedges Small wooden wedges, usually 4 inches long by 1/2 ...VIEW
VIEW Candela A unit of light intensity, a standard candle. ...VIEW
VIEW Canted Frame Often described as a 'Dutch Angle' or 'Dutching'. ...VIEW
VIEW Capacitance An electrical component's ability to store electri...VIEW
VIEW CC Filters Color compensating filters made in precise density...VIEW
VIEW CD (Compact Disc) A digitally encoded disc capable of containing mor...VIEW
VIEW Celo A type of cookie which is made from wire mesh coat...VIEW
VIEW Center Track A standard position for the placement of the audio...VIEW
VIEW Century Stand A multipurpose grip stand. ...VIEW
VIEW Chain Vise Grip A vise grip with a chain that is used for its clam...VIEW
VIEW Changeover Cue A mark at the end of a release print reel to indic...VIEW
VIEW Checkerboard Cutting A technique of splicing A/B rolls in order to elim...VIEW
VIEW Cinch Marks These are marks which may result if the center of ...VIEW
VIEW Cinemascope A trade name for a system of anamorphic widescreen...VIEW
VIEW Cinex Strip A short test print in which each frame has been pr...VIEW
VIEW Click Track A prerecorded track of electronic metronomic click...VIEW
VIEW Clipping The phenomenon where an input signal exceeds the c...VIEW
VIEW Coded Edge Numbers A system of marking films with a series of sequent...VIEW
VIEW Combo Box A six pocket stage box that can be converted from ...VIEW
VIEW Combo Stand A heavy duty 2K stand without wheels. It is called...VIEW
VIEW Compander Refers to a device that compresses an input signal...VIEW
VIEW Completion Bond An insurance guarantee that principal photography ...VIEW
VIEW Composite Print A motion picture print with both picture and sound...VIEW
VIEW Compression The reduction of a span of amplitudes done for the...VIEW
VIEW Condenser Microphone The simplest type of microphone in which the capac...VIEW
VIEW Contingency A designated amount of a budget which is added in ...VIEW
VIEW Continuous Printing A method of printing in which both the original an...VIEW
VIEW Control Track A recorded track used to adjust or manipulate a re...VIEW
VIEW Cookie A perforated material which is used to break up li...VIEW
VIEW Core A plastic cylinder on which film is wound for tran...VIEW
VIEW Counter A device for measuring lengths of film by counting...VIEW
VIEW Coupler A chemical incorporated into the emulsion of color...VIEW
VIEW Cover Set A location which is kept in reserve to serve as an...VIEW
VIEW Coverage An indeterminate number of more detailed shots whi...VIEW
VIEW CP Filters Color printing filters made in precise density val...VIEW
VIEW CRI Color Reversal Intermediate. This is a duplicate c...VIEW
VIEW Cribbing Short pieces of lumber which are used for various ...VIEW
VIEW Crossfade The gradual mix of sound sources accomplished by t...VIEW
VIEW Crossmodulation Tests Tests which are used to determine the correct nega...VIEW
VIEW Crossover The frequency at which a signal is split in order ...VIEW
VIEW Crosstalk In stereo, this is the breakthrough between channe...VIEW
VIEW Cucoloris A perforate material used to break up light or cre...VIEW
VIEW Cue Patch A piece of self adhesive magnetic or metallic mate...VIEW
VIEW Cueing A term with a broad range of meanings depending on...VIEW
VIEW Cup Blocks Wooden blocks with a dish or indentation in the ce...VIEW
VIEW Cutaway A single shot inserted into a sequence of shots th...VIEW
VIEW Cutting The selection and assembly of the various shots or...VIEW
VIEW Cyan A blue-green color which is the complementary colo...VIEW
VIEW Cyc Lights Row lights for evenly illuminating a cyclorama or ...VIEW
VIEW Cyclorama Permanent background built in a studio which is ne...VIEW
VIEW Dailies The first positive prints made by the laboratory f...VIEW
VIEW Dance Floor A floor built of 3/4 inch plywood which is usually...VIEW
VIEW DAT (Digital Audio Tape) Two-channel digital audio has become increasingly ...VIEW
VIEW DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) A computer-based recording and editing machine use...VIEW
VIEW Day Out of Days A form designating the workdays for various cast o...VIEW
VIEW Dead spot A place in which a sound waves are canceled by ref...VIEW
VIEW Dead Sync An editorial term meaning that sound and picture e...VIEW
VIEW Deal Memo A form which lists the pertinent details of salary...VIEW
VIEW Decoder The device which reads the enclosed signal or puls...VIEW
VIEW Deep Focus A style of cinematography and staging that uses re...VIEW
VIEW Degausser A device used to erase recordings on magnetic tape...VIEW
VIEW Density A factor which indicates the light-stopping power ...VIEW
VIEW Deuce A 2K fresnel lighting unit. ...VIEW
VIEW Developing The chemical process which converts a photographic...VIEW
VIEW DGA Director's Guild of America. A union which represe...VIEW
VIEW Dialogue track A sound track which carries lip sync speech. ...VIEW
VIEW Differential Rewind A device designed to permit simultaneous winding o...VIEW
VIEW Digital A reference to a system whereby a continuously var...VIEW
VIEW Digital Recording A method of recording in which samples of the orig...VIEW
VIEW Dimmer A device for varying power to the lights. ...VIEW
VIEW Dingle Branches which are placed in front of a light as a...VIEW
VIEW Directional Characteristic The variation in response or perception for differ...VIEW
VIEW Dissolve A transition between two scenes where the first me...VIEW
VIEW Distortion A modification of the original signal appearing in...VIEW
VIEW DOF (Depth of Field) The amount of space within lens view which will ma...VIEW
VIEW Dolby Digital This is a 5.1 channel digital film format that if ...VIEW
VIEW Dolby SR Spectral Recording. An encoding/decoding noise red...VIEW
VIEW Dolly Shot Any shot made from a moving dolly. These may also ...VIEW
VIEW Doorway Dolly A plywood dolly with four soft tires which is narr...VIEW
VIEW Dots Small nets and flags used to control light. ...VIEW
VIEW Double-System Sound Sound and picture on separate transports. This ref...VIEW
VIEW Drift Flutter which occurs at random rates. ...VIEW
VIEW Drop Frame American system of time code generation that adjus...VIEW
VIEW Drop Out Loss of a portion of a signal, usually due to a lo...VIEW
VIEW Drop-In The process of inserting recorded audio by playing...VIEW
VIEW DTS This is a film sound system which utilizes a CD-RO...VIEW
VIEW Dub To make a taped copy of any progam source record, ...VIEW
VIEW Dub Stage Term generally used in California but to refer to ...VIEW
VIEW Dubber A high quality sound reproducer which is mixed wit...VIEW
VIEW Dubbing An actor's voice synchronization with lip movement...VIEW
VIEW Dupe A copy of a negative. Short for duplicate negative...VIEW
VIEW Dutch Angle This is the process where a camera is angled so th...VIEW
VIEW Duvetyne A heavy black cloth, treated with fire proofing ma...VIEW
VIEW Dynamic Distortion Alteration of volume range of a sound when it is t...VIEW
VIEW Dynamic Range The difference in decibels between the loudest and...VIEW
VIEW Ear To put a flag up on the side of a lighting unit to...VIEW
VIEW EBU European Broadcast Union. This generally identifie...VIEW
VIEW Echo A sound wave that has been reflected and returned ...VIEW
VIEW Edge Numbers Coded numbers printed along the edged of a strip o...VIEW
VIEW Edge track A standard position for the placement of the audio...VIEW
VIEW Edison Plug An ordinary household plug with two flat blades an...VIEW
VIEW Edit Decision List (EDL) The list of SMPTE codes, in footage and frames, an...VIEW
VIEW Edit Master Video industry term for the tape containing the fi...VIEW
VIEW Edit Points Also known as "edit in" and "edit out." The beginn...VIEW
VIEW Effective Output Level The microphone sensitivity rating defined as the r...VIEW
VIEW Emulsion The gelatine layer of photo-sensitive material in ...VIEW
VIEW Envelope The shape of the graph as amplitude is plotted aga...VIEW
VIEW Environmental Sound General low level sound coming from the action of ...VIEW
VIEW Equalization The alteration of sound frequencies for a specific...VIEW
VIEW Equivalent Noise A microphone in a completely silent room still gen...VIEW
VIEW Establishing Shot Usually a long shot at the beginning of a scene wh...VIEW
VIEW Exciter Lamp An incandescent lamp used to supply nonvarying lum...VIEW
VIEW Fade An optical effect in which the image of a scene is...VIEW
VIEW FAST The camera assistant's motto. Everything he/she mu...VIEW
VIEW FAY A 650 watt PAR light with daylight balance dichroi...VIEW
VIEW Feather Moving a 'flag' closer to or further away from a l...VIEW
VIEW Feed Lines Lines of dialogue which are read outside camera ra...VIEW
VIEW Fill Leader Film leader used to fill in the blanks in picture ...VIEW
VIEW Film Base The flexible, usually transparent support on which...VIEW
VIEW Film Cement A common term for the welding solvent used in spli...VIEW
VIEW Film Notcher A device used to punch out a small portion of the ...VIEW
VIEW Filter A transparent material having the ability to absor...VIEW
VIEW Fingers Small flags used to control light. ...VIEW
VIEW Fixing The removal of unexposed silver halides from the f...VIEW
VIEW Flat Usually an agreement to perform work or provide a ...VIEW
VIEW Flatbed A modern film or sound editing system where reels ...VIEW
VIEW Flicker The alternation of light and dark which can be vis...VIEW
VIEW Float Periodic vertical movement of the image which occu...VIEW
VIEW Flood The widest beam spread on a lensed light. ...VIEW
VIEW Flop-over An optical effect in which the picture is shown re...VIEW
VIEW Flutter The rapid period variation of frequency caused by ...VIEW
VIEW Flux An amount of light which is present as measured in...VIEW
VIEW Foamcore Polystyrene which is sandwiched between paper. It ...VIEW
VIEW Focus Pull The refocusing of a lens during a shot to keep a m...VIEW
VIEW Fog Level The minimum density of the unexposed area of proce...VIEW
VIEW Foley Creating sound effects by watching picture and mim...VIEW
VIEW Format The size or aspect ratio of a motion picture frame...VIEW
VIEW Frame The individual picture image on a strip of motion ...VIEW
VIEW Frame Rate The frequency at which film or video frames run (i...VIEW
VIEW Freeze Frame An optical printing effect in which a single frame...VIEW
VIEW Frequency The number of times a signal vibrates each second ...VIEW
VIEW Frequency Discrimination Exaggeration or diminution of particular frequenci...VIEW
VIEW Frequency Response This represents the sensitivity of a given sound, ...VIEW
VIEW Fresnel A stepped convex lens. It is most commonly used to...VIEW
VIEW Full-Coat Film which is coated with an iron oxide compound o...VIEW
VIEW Gaffer The chief lighting technician for a production who...VIEW
VIEW Gain The ratio of the signal level at the output of an ...VIEW
VIEW Gamma The degree of contrast in a negative or print....VIEW
VIEW Gang Synchronizer A synchronizing device having more than One sprock...VIEW
VIEW Gate The aperture assembly at which the film is exposed...VIEW
VIEW Gigabyte (GB) A unit for measuring computer memory capacity, equ...VIEW
VIEW Gobo A grip head or "C" stand head used as a clamping d...VIEW
VIEW Grading The process of selecting the printing values for c...VIEW
VIEW Grifflon (Griff) A durable material made of three ply high density ...VIEW
VIEW Grip Tape This is Duct tape style tape, also known as gaffer...VIEW
VIEW Guillotine Splicer A device used for butt splicing film with splicing...VIEW
VIEW Handle An extra number of frames attached to the head and...VIEW
VIEW Hard Disk A data storage and retrieval device consisting of ...VIEW
VIEW Harmonic Distortion Acoustic distortion characterized by unwanted chan...VIEW
VIEW Hazeltine A machine which a color time at a lab or optical h...VIEW
VIEW Hertz (Hz) Unit for measuring frequency of d signal; formerly...VIEW
VIEW Hi-Con Generally a high contrast film print which provide...VIEW
VIEW High-Pass Filter An electronic filter used in various audio circuit...VIEW
VIEW Highboy A heavy-duty rolling stand, usually with a combo h...VIEW
VIEW Highkey An overall brightly lit scene with realtively few ...VIEW
VIEW Hiss Asperity Noise. Noise caused by minute imperfectio...VIEW
VIEW HMI An enclosed, AC mercury arc lamp. ...VIEW
VIEW Hollywood Box A stage plug-type box without fuses. ...VIEW
VIEW Horse A support for one or more rolls of film used on a ...VIEW
VIEW Hot Splicer A film splicing machine of precision construction ...VIEW
VIEW House Sync An internal timing reference used to synchronize a...VIEW
VIEW Incoming Scene The second scene to appear in a dissolve or wipe e...VIEW
VIEW Inductance The resistance of a coil of wire to rapidly fluctu...VIEW
VIEW Inkie A small (250 watt) fresnel type light. ...VIEW
VIEW Insert Editing Used in videotape or digital audio editing to desc...VIEW
VIEW Intercutting An editing method whereby related shots are insert...VIEW
VIEW Interlock A term that generically refers to two or more mach...VIEW
VIEW Interlock Projector A projector used to reproduce the picture while sy...VIEW
VIEW Intermediates A general term for color masters or duplicates....VIEW
VIEW Intermodulation Distortion An amplitude change in which sum and difference to...VIEW
VIEW Internegative A color negative duplicate made from a color posit...VIEW
VIEW Interpositive Any positive duplicate of a film which is used for...VIEW
VIEW Invisible Cut A cut made during the movement of a performer whic...VIEW
VIEW IP/IN The process of making a new negative of a film by ...VIEW
VIEW Iris A variable aperture that controls exposure or the ...VIEW
VIEW Iris Wipe A wipe effect in the form of an expanding or dimin...VIEW
VIEW J-Lar A transparent tape which is used to splice jels to...VIEW
VIEW Jam Sync A process of locking a time code generator to an e...VIEW
VIEW Japanese Lantern A paper-covered wire frame globe into which a sock...VIEW
VIEW Jib Arm A mechanical are which is supported on a dolly, tr...VIEW
VIEW JOHNNY The guy from the shining....VIEW
VIEW Juicer An electrician....VIEW
VIEW Jump-Cut An editorial device where the action is noticeably...VIEW
VIEW Junior A 2K fresnel light unit. It may also mean any 1 1/...VIEW
VIEW K Kelvin, the unit of measurement used for absolute ...VIEW
VIEW KEM A brand name for a common 'flatbed' film editing m...VIEW
VIEW Key Grip The chief grip who works directly with the gaffer ...VIEW
VIEW Key Light The main light on a subject. ...VIEW
VIEW Key Numbers Numbers placed on the edge of the film stock by th...VIEW
VIEW Kick An object with a shine or reflection on it from an...VIEW
VIEW Kiss A light that gently brushes a subject. ...VIEW
VIEW L-C-R-S (Left, Center, Right, Surround) The four playback channels used in 35mm motion pic...VIEW
VIEW Lamp A reference to the bulb inside a lighting unit, bu...VIEW
VIEW Latitude The range between overexposure and underexposure i...VIEW
VIEW Lavalier Mic A small microphone that can be easily hidden on a ...VIEW
VIEW Layback Transfer of the finished audio mix back onto the v...VIEW
VIEW Layoff Transfer of audio and time code from the video edi...VIEW
VIEW Layover Transfer of audio onto multitrack tape or hard dis...VIEW
VIEW Leader A length of nonimage film which is used for thread...VIEW
VIEW Leko An ellipsoidal reflector spot light. Usually used ...VIEW
VIEW Level The ratio of an acoustic quantity to a reference q...VIEW
VIEW Lexan A plastic sheeting material, available in varying ...VIEW
VIEW Library Shot Stock footage shot or other footage which is germa...VIEW
VIEW Light Value A reference to a fast acting, variable opening shu...VIEW
VIEW Light-Struck Leader Film which was fully exposed to light which is the...VIEW
VIEW Lip-Sync The relationship of sound ad picture that exists w...VIEW
VIEW Liquid Gate A printing system in which the original is immerse...VIEW
VIEW Looping A continuous sound track that runs repeatedly in p...VIEW
VIEW Low Contrast Original An original reversal film which is designed to yie...VIEW
VIEW Lowboy A heavy duty rolling stand, usually with a combo h...VIEW
VIEW Lowkey A high contrast lighting style with lost of shadow...VIEW
VIEW Lowpass Filter A filter that attenuates frequencies above a speci...VIEW
VIEW M&E Track (Music & Effects) This refers to the music and effects tracks which ...VIEW
VIEW M-S (Mid-Side). A stereo microphone technique where tw...VIEW
VIEW Machine Leader Strong leader threaded through a film processing m...VIEW
VIEW Magenta A red-purple color which is the complementary colo...VIEW
VIEW Magnetic Film (mag film) Film which is coated with an iron oxide compound o...VIEW
VIEW Masking A phenomenon whereby one or more sound "trick" the...VIEW
VIEW Master (print master) A positive print made specifically for duplicating...VIEW
VIEW Match Cut (match-action cut) A cut made on action or movement between two shots...VIEW
VIEW Match Dissolve A dissolve linking images which have similar conte...VIEW
VIEW Match-Image Cut A cut from one shot to another shot having an imag...VIEW
VIEW Matching Arranging for the impedances presented by a load t...VIEW
VIEW Matching Action The process of aligning or overlapping the shots o...VIEW
VIEW Mater A small adjustable clamp with a baby stud which ca...VIEW
VIEW Maxi-Brute A 9 light unit with (9) 1000 watt PAR 64 lights. ...VIEW
VIEW Meat Axe An grip arm-like accessory which is designed to cl...VIEW
VIEW Megabyte (MB) A measure of computer storage capability; the equi...VIEW
VIEW Mercer Clip A trade name for a small plastic clip which is use...VIEW
VIEW Mickey An open faced 1K lighting unit. Also known as a 'R...VIEW
VIEW Microphone Impedance The nominal load impedance for a microphone indica...VIEW
VIEW MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A machine pr...VIEW
VIEW Mix Electrically combining the signals from microphone...VIEW
VIEW Mix Cue Sheet A sheet having several columns for notations of fo...VIEW
VIEW Montage The assembly of shots and the portrayal of action ...VIEW
VIEW MOS Silent filming. Traditionally explained as Motion ...VIEW
VIEW Motivated Lighting A lighting style in which the light sources imitat...VIEW
VIEW Moviola A trade name for an upright film editing machine....VIEW
VIEW Multichannel In film, used to refer to a final mix that include...VIEW
VIEW Multitrack An audio tape recorder capable of handling more th...VIEW
VIEW Musco Lights An array of permanently crane mounted HMI lights. ...VIEW
VIEW Negative ( 1) For a black-and-white image those tonal value...VIEW
VIEW Nets A bobbinet on a frame used to cut lighting intensi...VIEW
VIEW Neutral Density (ND) Colorless filters that reduce the amount of light ...VIEW
VIEW Noir Usually refers to the classic black and white film...VIEW
VIEW Noise In audio systems, noise is the electrical interfer...VIEW
VIEW Notch A recess on the edge of a piece of film which auto...VIEW
VIEW NTSC National Television Standards Committee. The organ...VIEW
VIEW Obie An eyelight mounted on the camera. ...VIEW
VIEW Octave The interval between two sounds having a basic fre...VIEW
VIEW Off-Scale Outside the range of the standard light values of ...VIEW
VIEW Offline The videotape editing process whereby the final ed...VIEW
VIEW One-Light Print A print made with a single printer light setting f...VIEW
VIEW Online The videotape editing process that creates the fin...VIEW
VIEW Opacity The ratio of the amount of light falling on a surf...VIEW
VIEW Opaque Leader Any strip of flexible, optically opaque material u...VIEW
VIEW Optical Effects A laboratory or print procedure in which shots are...VIEW
VIEW Optical Printer A printer in which an image of the original is tra...VIEW
VIEW Optical Sound A sound track in which the recording uses variatio...VIEW
VIEW Optical Stereo A film recording system replayed by scanning the s...VIEW
VIEW Out-Take A take of a scene which is not used for printing o...VIEW
VIEW Outgoing Scene The first scene of a dissolve or wipe effect which...VIEW
VIEW Overlapping and Matching Action Repeating part of the action in one shot at the be...VIEW
VIEW Packaging A combination of several creative elements such as...VIEW
VIEW PAL (Phase Alternating Line) The European color television standard that specif...VIEW
VIEW Pan A horizontal movement of a camera on a fixed axis....VIEW
VIEW Parallels Temporary Scaffolding, used as a platform for the ...VIEW
VIEW Pay or Play A contract provision which commits the production ...VIEW
VIEW Phantom Power A method of remotely powering the preamplifier or ...VIEW
VIEW Phase The timing relationship between two signals. ...VIEW
VIEW Phase Distortion This is a shifting of output voltage relative to i...VIEW
VIEW Phase shift The displacement of a waveform in time. Some elect...VIEW
VIEW Pick-up Shot Reshooting a portion of a scene, the rest of which...VIEW
VIEW Pilot Tone A sine wave signal, recorded by various field audi...VIEW
VIEW Pin A component of a camera or printer mechanism which...VIEW
VIEW Pink noise A sound signal that has an equal amount of energy ...VIEW
VIEW Pitch The distance between two successive perforations a...VIEW
VIEW Plate A background for any type of process shot. ...VIEW
VIEW Playback A technique of filming music action first, the pla...VIEW
VIEW Positive Scratch The black image on a print of a scratch on the pos...VIEW
VIEW Post-Production The period in a project's development that takes p...VIEW
VIEW Practical Any light that appears in the scene. ...VIEW
VIEW Pre-Blacked A video tape which has already had a control track...VIEW
VIEW Preamplifier An electronic device that boosts extremely weak si...VIEW
VIEW Prescoring Recording of music or other sound prior to the sho...VIEW
VIEW Principal Photography The main photography of a film and the time period...VIEW
VIEW Printing Sync The relation between the picture and sound compone...VIEW
VIEW Prism Shutter A device used on many film viewers, editing machin...VIEW
VIEW Process Shot A shot that will be composited from two other shot...VIEW
VIEW Production Dupe A duplicate negative prepared in the final form fo...VIEW
VIEW Production Sound Recording and/or mixing sound on location during t...VIEW
VIEW Projection Leader A short length of film having standard markings on...VIEW
VIEW Projection-Contrast Original An original reversal film which is designed to hav...VIEW
VIEW Punch A device for punching a hole in film leader to loc...VIEW
VIEW Quarter Inch A reference to the standard width magnetic audio t...VIEW
VIEW Quartz Tungsten-Halogen lights or lighting units. The nam...VIEW
VIEW Rack A frame carrying film in a processing machine. Oft...VIEW
VIEW Rank A shortened term which refers to a "Rank-Cintel Fl...VIEW
VIEW Re-recording The process of mixing all edited music, effects an...VIEW
VIEW Reaction Shot A shot of a player listening while another player'...VIEW
VIEW Redhead An open faced 1K lighting unit. Also known as a 'M...VIEW
VIEW Reduction Printing The production of a copy of a film which is of a s...VIEW
VIEW Relational Editing Editing of shots for the purposes of comparison or...VIEW
VIEW Release The general distribution of a film for public exhi...VIEW
VIEW Release negative A duplicate negative from which release prints are...VIEW
VIEW Resolving The process of regulating tape speed by comparing ...VIEW
VIEW Reverberation The presence or persistence of sound due to repeat...VIEW
VIEW Reversal film A film that is manufactured and processed in such ...VIEW
VIEW Reversal Intermediate A second generation duplicate which is reversed to...VIEW
VIEW Reversal Original A reversal film designed to be exposed in a camera...VIEW
VIEW Reverse Action An optical effect in which the action appears back...VIEW
VIEW Reverse Angle A shot that is turned approximately 180 degrees in...VIEW
VIEW Rim A hard backlight, is generally on the same level a...VIEW
VIEW Riser (1) A cylindrical metal device placed betwen the d...VIEW
VIEW RMS Effective sound pressure. ...VIEW
VIEW Room Tone The "noise" of a room, set or location where dialo...VIEW
VIEW Rough cut A preliminary trial stage in the process of editin...VIEW
VIEW Run of the Picture A cast member whose work may be required any of th...VIEW
VIEW Rushes This refers to daily prints of a film used for eva...VIEW
VIEW Score The original-music composition for a motion pictur...VIEW
VIEW Scrim A metal 'window screen' that can be placed in fron...VIEW
VIEW Scrub Moving a piece of tape or magnetic film back and f...VIEW
VIEW Scrub Wheel A mechanical control for scrubbing film or magneti...VIEW
VIEW SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound System. A film sound fo...VIEW
VIEW Second Unit A photographic team that shoots scenes which do no...VIEW
VIEW Senior A 5K fresnel lighting unit. ...VIEW
VIEW Senior Stand A braced junior stand sufficiently rugged for larg...VIEW
VIEW Sensitivity An indication of recording or playback efficiency ...VIEW
VIEW Sequencer The hardware or software based brain of a MIDI stu...VIEW
VIEW Set Dressing Items of decoration which are not designated in th...VIEW
VIEW Set Up Each discrete position of the camera, excluding th...VIEW
VIEW Shiny Boards A grip reflector used for reaiming sunlight to pro...VIEW
VIEW Shotgun Mic A highly directional microphone, usually with a lo...VIEW
VIEW Showcard A white artists' cardboard which is used as a refl...VIEW
VIEW Siamese A splitter that divides a power line into two part...VIEW
VIEW Sibilance An exaggerated hissing in voice patterns. ...VIEW
VIEW Sider A device which cuts the light from the side of a l...VIEW
VIEW Sight Line An imaginary line that is drawn between a subject ...VIEW
VIEW Signal The form of variation with time of a wave whereby ...VIEW
VIEW Signal to Noise Ratio This is the ratio of the desired signal to the unw...VIEW
VIEW Silk A lighting diffusion or reflective material, forme...VIEW
VIEW Single A shot with only one subject in the frame. ...VIEW
VIEW Single System A method of recording sound and picture on the sam...VIEW
VIEW Single-Stripe Magnetic film that contains a single audio track, ...VIEW
VIEW Skip Frame An optical printing effect which eliminates select...VIEW
VIEW Slate The identifier placed in front of the camera at be...VIEW
VIEW Slave An audio tape or videotape transport, projector or...VIEW
VIEW Slug A strip of blank leader or image-bearing film used...VIEW
VIEW SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers...VIEW
VIEW SMPTE Time Code Also known as Longitudinal Time Code. A high frequ...VIEW
VIEW Snake A multi-channel audio cable intended for use with ...VIEW
VIEW Sound Designer A film sound specialist responsible for the develo...VIEW
VIEW Sound Effect A recorded or electronically produced sound that m...VIEW
VIEW Sound Master Positive A sound print on made from the sound negative for ...VIEW
VIEW Sound Mixer The person responsible for capturing sound as it p...VIEW
VIEW Sound Negative A negative sound image on film which is obtained b...VIEW
VIEW Sound Print Any positive sound track print which is obtained b...VIEW
VIEW Sound-on-Sound A method in which previously recorded sound on one...VIEW
VIEW Soundtrack Generically refers to the music contained in a fil...VIEW
VIEW Spacer A hub placed between reels on rewinders to keep th...VIEW
VIEW Specular A term used to describe highly directional, focuse...VIEW
VIEW Speed of sound The velocity of sound in air is 770 mi/hr. This sp...VIEW
VIEW Spill Light that is escaping from the sides of a lightin...VIEW
VIEW Splice The act of joining two pieces of film by any of se...VIEW
VIEW Split Screen An optical or special effects shot in which two se...VIEW
VIEW Spool A flanged roll on which film is wound for general ...VIEW
VIEW Spot On a lensed light, the smallest beam spread. ...VIEW
VIEW Spotting Used in scoring and sound effects editing to ident...VIEW
VIEW Sprocket A toothed driving wheel used to move film through ...VIEW
VIEW Stage Box A distribution box with six pockets for stage plug...VIEW
VIEW Standing waves A deep sound in a small room or booth from low fre...VIEW
VIEW Step Printer A printer in which each frame of the negative and ...VIEW
VIEW Stinger A single extension cord. Most often referred to a ...VIEW
VIEW Stock A general term for motion picture film, particular...VIEW
VIEW Stock Numbers Edge numbers provided on film raw stock by the man...VIEW
VIEW Stop Frame An optical printing effect in which a single frame...VIEW
VIEW Striking The breakdown process of a camera position, locati...VIEW
VIEW Suicide A term for a distribution wiring connector with ma...VIEW
VIEW Surround Sound Sound that is reproduced through speakers above or...VIEW
VIEW Sweeten/Sweetening Enhancing the sound of a recording or a particular...VIEW
VIEW Sync Beep In double system shooting with certain cameras, a ...VIEW
VIEW Synching Dailies Assembling, for synchronous interlock, the picture...VIEW
VIEW T Stop A true f/stop as opposed to one dereived mathemati...VIEW
VIEW Tail Leader Leader used at the finish end of a strip of film. ...VIEW
VIEW Take Down Reducing the light on an object by means of nets, ...VIEW
VIEW Telecine A machine that transfers film to a video signal. T...VIEW
VIEW Temp Dub A preliminary mixing of dialogue, music, and sound...VIEW
VIEW Tenner A standard studio 10K lighting unit, as opposed to...VIEW
VIEW THX A theatrical film exhibition sound system which ma...VIEW
VIEW Tie In A power feed obtained by temporarily clipping on t...VIEW
VIEW Time Base Signal A signal recorded on the edge of film in a camera ...VIEW
VIEW Time Code Also known as Longitudinal Time Code. A high frequ...VIEW
VIEW Timing The process of selecting the printing values for c...VIEW
VIEW Trailer A short publicty film which advertises a film or f...VIEW
VIEW Traveling Matte A process shot in which foreground action is super...VIEW
VIEW Trims Portions of a scene left over after the selected s...VIEW
VIEW Trombone A tubular, extending device which is generally use...VIEW
VIEW Turtle A flat, on the floor mount, for large lights with ...VIEW
VIEW TV Safe The area of a filmed image which will normally app...VIEW
VIEW Tweco A device similar to a slip pin connector, which is...VIEW
VIEW Ultrasonic Cleaner A device used to clean film without pressure or ab...VIEW
VIEW Underscore Music that provides emotional or atmospheric backg...VIEW
VIEW Unsqueezed Print A print in which the distorted image of an anamorp...VIEW
VIEW Variac A simmer that reduces the voltage. It stands for V...VIEW
VIEW Varispeed Increasing or decreasing tape speed to match the m...VIEW
VIEW Veeder Counter A trade name for a mechanical counter which is act...VIEW
VIEW Video Assist The process of simultaneously recording filmed pic...VIEW
VIEW Virgin Stock Magnetic tape onto which nothing has yet been reco...VIEW
VIEW VITC Vertical Interval Time Code. A time code signal th...VIEW
VIEW Voice-over Narration or non-synchronous dialog taking place o...VIEW
VIEW VU Meter A meter designed to measure audio level in volume ...VIEW
VIEW Walla Background ambience or noises added to create the ...VIEW
VIEW Waste Shining a light on an object, then slowing turning...VIEW
VIEW Wave A regular variation in electrical signal level or ...VIEW
VIEW Wedges Wood wedges cut from 2x4 lumber which is used for ...VIEW
VIEW Western Dolly A plywood dolly, with four large soft tires, which...VIEW
VIEW Whip A section of feeder cable siamesed off the main li...VIEW
VIEW White noise A signal having an equal amount of energy per hert...VIEW
VIEW Widescreen A general term for film presentation in which a fi...VIEW
VIEW Wild Line A line of dialoge, recorded either on set or at a ...VIEW
VIEW Wild Track Audio elements that are not recorded synchronously...VIEW
VIEW Wipe An optical transition effect in which one image is...VIEW
VIEW Workprint Any positive duplicate picture, sound track print,...VIEW
VIEW Workstation This term generally refers to a disk-based audio r...VIEW
VIEW Wow Repetitive but slow variations in recording or pla...VIEW
VIEW Wow and Flutter The deviation of frequency resulting from irregula...VIEW
VIEW Wrap The span of the tape path along which the tape and...VIEW
VIEW X-Y Pattern A pair of cardioid microphones or elements aimed i...VIEW
VIEW Xenon A high intensity light, with a polished parabolic ...VIEW
VIEW XLR One of several varieties of sound connectors havin...VIEW
VIEW Y M C Numbers The 'timing lights' that the negative is printed a...VIEW
VIEW Zero Cut A method of preparing A and B rolls for printing i...VIEW
VIEW Zoom An optical effect in which the image rapidly grows...VIEW



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