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INDIECLUB Message Board How To’s

INDIECLUB hosts a Message Board which allows interaction between INDIECLUB members. We do not control the messages or information delivered to our Message Board. It is a condition of your use of these boards and this web site that you follow the rules. If you break these rules, your Message Board thread will be deleted from the board, and you may receive a notification/warning or be banned from further INDIECLUB membership and participation.


  1. Categories – Be sure to post to the correct Message Board category! There are four main categories – FILMMAKING, ACTING, WRITING, and OFF-TOPIC (aka COFFEE HOUSE). Pro IndieClub Members may also create POLLS within these categories (all members can participate in voting). IndieClub Administrators may create SPECIAL (STAR) posts for special topics, such as a Q & A with a notable actor or filmmaker.
  1. Viewing Filters - Use the filters along the top of the board to set your board to your viewing preferences. Because this is a website for discussions about the filmmaking, acting, and writing, the Message Board default is to NOT show Off-Topic threads. You can change your filters simply by clicking the icons. You may also filter by FRIEND designations.
  1. Edit/Delete – Please post wisely. Reread your message before posting it. You have 5 minutes to edit your post after creation. If you have an issue and need to delete your post or your response within a thread, please go into the thread and use the REPORT ISSUE link that is directly attached to the specific post. Please verify that you are requesting deletion and why. You may also report Message Board abuse by using the REPORT ISSUE button on anyone’s thread.
  1. Saved Threads – From the Main Page of the Message Board you can click the SAVE button in the far right column to save threads that you find especially useful. These threads will be saved in your own private list which can be accessed by clicking the VEW SAVED icon in the top right corner of the Main Page of the Message Board.
  1. Search – You may search the Message Boards by keywords, Author Name, member #’s, and more. Original Threads will appear in yellow. Replies are in white. You can see if the number of votes a thread has received for FAQ SUGGEST.
  1. Special Guest Q & A – Occasionally, we invite special guests to enter a message board discussion for a limited period of time to interact with members & answer member questions. These guests are professionals within the industry, so don’t be shy! Please ask them questions & pick their brain, and please also be respectful and appreciative of the time they have taken to make an appearance on the IndieClub Message Board.
  1. Voting Polls – Pro Members can create a special Poll thread (a multiple choice question that other members can vote on). This is useful if you want to get feedback on your title, name, concept, a specific line, poster design, trailer, etc. It is also a really fun feature if you simply want to spark a conversation. For example, you could create a poll that said: “Which movie had the most realistic dialogue?” Then you fill in the form with four movie options, and the voting and discussion begins.
  1. FAQ Suggest - If you think a thread is especially helpful, please click the link at the top of the thread that says FAQ SUGGEST. We track the number of votes that threads receive. You can see these votes when you use the Message Board SEARCH feature. In the future, we may use the most popular threads in our RESOURCES section.
  1. Posting Photos & Images – You now have the ability to upload images. Images must be appropriate for all ages and relate to the categories that you are posting in.
  1. HTML vs. Plain Text – You can now use our tools to bold, highlight, italicize, link, and basically pump up your message posts. Please use this wisely and sparingly as too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.
  1. Mouse-Overs – You can now place your mouse over Member names and get a quick popup of their skills, etc. You can mouse-over other icons for additional information.
  1. Netiquette - Please realize that the Internet is a global community representing many cultures and political and religious ideologies; posts which touch on these subjects in the context of a discussion about a particular area of the entertainment industry should be respectful of these differences even when you are expressing disagreement. Should you feel your blood pressure rising, along with the urge to say something inflammatory or personally insulting in response to another poster, it might be wise to take a breather; after a couple days away from the "fray," you'll probably have a calmer perspective, reduced stress levels and the eternal gratitude of the other site visitors (nobody likes a flame war).


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