AUTHOR SUBJECT: Urgent: Marijuana leaf potion base
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Posted: 2/25/2017 3:11:56 AM
Any of you know much about weed and how it works and how it wouldn't?

I have an evil character in my movie who makes an extremely potent powdered drug that he uses to control people.

Most of it he makes like a wizard in a boiling cauldron, just a bit more modern lab like but still very theatrical and evil.  Lightning happens to strike whenever he works on it, that sort of scene.  

This mixture he then lets dry and grinds to a powder that makes people into happy zombies that are completely open to his controlling suggestions. 

Anyway by a twist of fate, one big cannabis plant fell into my lap yesterday, freshly pulled from the ground.  Stands very tall with beautiful leaves, but no buds yet.   

So anyway obviously I'm like yay, it can be used in the movie scene, but very quickly because it will now wilt.

So how to add it to the scene? 

Will it make sense for the evil drugmaker to add the cannabis plant pieces to the boiling pot of potion?  Or would that produce no drugging effect and just show we didn't do our research about how to get the THC or whatevertf to come out? 

It should at least make somewhat sense.  No use in just killing the active ingredients in the plant or something. 

I tried to google the processes of preparing cannabis and how exactly to get it to work but there's too much to learn for the time we have and our plant is dying more and more by the hours.

Will it be stupid for our character to make a marijuana leaf boiling stew base type thing to which he adds all the other brain altering evil magical ingredients?   

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Posted: 2/25/2017 10:17:31 AM
 Lightning strikes him everytime he works on it and you're worried about realism making dope?

 Here's hemp juice from wiki....

Hemp juice is produced in a patented[9] industrial procedure directly following harvest whereby the leafy upper part of the plant, including the flower heads, are being cold-pressed after harvest. These parts of the hemp plant have been entirely neglected so far in industrial hemp fabric production. Hence, through the procedure of pressing juice, a previously neglected highly valuable part of the plant is now being used for human consumption. All active ingredients remain fully intact without drying the hemp. The juice does not compete with the production of fibers and shives instead both add up to double revenue of the farmer.

 So, without drying the leaves, they are pressed into a product for human consumption. This wizard is a genius right? Maybe he's invented a new super extract potion to harness and magnify the power of the cannabis perhaps?

 Sorry if I'm not more helpful. I never have used weed. I always have turned to beer, pizza and Godzilla movies for my escape.

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Posted: 2/25/2017 11:29:15 AM
Hemp juice eh?  What's that now?  Is that the same thing? 

Anyway, I meanwhile hurriedly found some online stuff that says it's no good (for psychoactive effecting) to boil the marijuana leaves in water.  The "canabinoids" need to bind to something, like the oily substance in milk. 

See that's what I somehow sensed which is why I was like "would it make sense?" and such and such, so as not to make a stupid ignorant mistake.  

My first thought erronously was to like start with him and a pot of boiling water and then adding the leaves to start his evil brew. 

Now I see how senseless that would have been.  People who know would have gone "haw haw, idiot.  Where's the point in that?"

So it should be like butter or milk or something to boil it in.  I think something red would look good.  Maybe I'll use milk but make it red.  Beautiful!

As for what's left of the plant, this article (or this one, can't remember) says fresh marijuana leaves are just a very incredibly healthy salad, without any psychosomething crazymaking effects on the consumer, so I'll be drinking marijuana smoothies for a week until the plant is dead. 

Lol, no dude, lightning doesn't strike the evil character making the potion.  It like thunders outside while he's working on it, for atmosphere.  Think Disney witch brewing something evil. 

Here's an example.  In fact, it's this very guy, Madman Uys, who is making the evil potion drug thingy in our scene:  MEET THE BAD GUYS

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Posted: 2/25/2017 12:03:34 PM
ok ok I see. He stirs the brew LIKE A WIZARD. Not that he is one. I was thinking he's some sort of evil genius and he could make an elixer to mix with your plant and viola, instant zombie. Wouldn't matter how the plant was prepared. Nice and easy. And, would of made perfect sense. 

 I should have known better than to question your wisdom Marius. You're the sharpest guy I know. You're even smarter than Mike Cervello.  

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Posted: 2/25/2017 12:39:01 PM
sup homie!

"I was thinking he's some sort of evil genius and he could make an elixer to mix with your plant and viola, instant zombie.  Would of made perfect sense."

Yes, that's it exactly!    

And sure he's a wizard or scientist or computer guy or some whacko.  

But marijuana won't make anyone go high and crazy and lose interest in activity, if it's not prepared right.  

But now I'm reading about "cannabis tea" so how is that not boiling the leaves in water for going psychoactive?

Oh wait.  You mix some cannabis thing you prepared first, with tea leaves.  No wait.  Meh, who cares.  Information overload.  So much to learn, so little time, losing interest fast and just rushing to get it finished.

I'll finish this thing tomorrow.  

"You're even smarter than Mike Cervello."

Yeah but evidently he's a genius at making an everlasting impression. 

Thanks for the word "elixer".  Makes me smile the more I say it :)  Try saying it once every 3 seconds without smiling. 

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Posted: 2/25/2017 12:54:55 PM
lol...elixer..hehe. ok, it sounds like you have a handle on the whole thing now so I'll just say have fun and good luck with your weed production. And, Mike Cervello is a god. Don't ever forget that Superdude. A god.
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Posted: 2/28/2017 10:56:14 PM
Thank you for your moral support Aldridge!  Scene came out quite pretty in the end. 

And the "elixer" looks just as beautifully evil as I had imagined.  Enjoy some screen grab close-ups of it below.  

For those curious how to make the world's most evil drug called "A touch of loyalty", aka "A little loyalty", aka "A bit of loyalty", or as it's known by its street name, "Loyalty", here is the recipe.  

WARNING:  This potion might come alive and kill you.  Be very careful!

Start with the filthiest cauldron you can find.  Start heating it up very slowly.   

Pour in some bloody, slimy goo, as rough as you can in order to form foam on top. 

Add cannabis leaves to the bloody foam.  The cannabis will make the person intoxicated with this drug think that it's fun to be a slave and do whatever is suggested by the evil person poisoning them with the drug.  They'll be as happy as a clappy even if what they are ordered to do is to their own detriment.      

Let it calm down until all the foam have become fluid again and the cannabis leaves have settled into poistion to look like a japanese painting. 

Sprinkle with poisoned snowflakes.  The poison should be strong enough to eat all the green color out of the cannabis leaves, turning them dark and making them sink. 

Disturb the picture with a white, milky substance. 

Stir abruptly for a while with the biggest wooden spoon you can find. 

Add the yellow powder of sweetness, in order to fool the consumer of the drug into thinking the taste is like a sweet candy.  Custard powder will do nicely.   The sugar will also help get them addicted to the stuff quickly. 

Turn up the heat and let it start boiling. 

As soon as boiling point is reached, turn down the heat again to just under boiling. 

Add the white lilly of innocence lost. 

Add the flowers of magical properties. 

Let the potion consume the flowers. 

Add one marijuana leaf.   Take a picture and sell it as abstract art. 

Turn the heat way up and boil and stir briskly. 

Stop stirring when your potion starts looking like a bubbly fire. 

When the bubbliness have calmed down some, stir and let it simmer. 

When your potion starts looking like the universe, you know you're on the right track to brewing a fantastic batch.  Turn the heat off and let it cool down.   

Now leave your potion for the ingredients to start interacting.  After some hours, big bubbles filled with acid gas will start forming, seemingly boiling the potion by itself through chemical interaction. 


The first bubbles will start bursting, releasing the toxic acid gas.  Don't breathe in or you'll die.   Wear a gas mask from here on. 



Give your potion a last, good stir. 

Now new gas bubbles will form that look like alien demon eggs.  Do not burst these.  Let them form and incubate throughout the entire mixture.  


On low heat, let all the moisture evaporate until the mixture crystalises.

 Then grind up the crystals into powder and viola!  You have powdered "Loyalty", ready to be sprinkled onto people whom you want to be completely loyal to you and do your bidding.   

Enjoy taking over the world! 

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Posted: 3/1/2017 7:51:53 AM
 The colors are right on dude! Love the blood red crazy foam! You truly are a legend!

  As an aside, I checked out the link you posted above to the evil alien in his spaceship. Great job! Did you do all the work on that?

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Posted: 3/2/2017 11:57:59 PM
Thanks A!  Appreciate the interest. 

Yes I did most all of it.  These unique shots anyway.  Some details are readymade elements I just recompose.  Like the computer screen animations.  I just edit and recolor etc.  No need to reinvent the wheel every time I build a car, when there are so many free things made available online by passionate thingymakers.  

If you think you might like that story, you can start viewing that epic movie series here.  Just press play and select a video quality (1080p recommended if your internet can handle it) and make it full screen and then sit back and watch it automatically play scene by scene like a feature length film. 

Those are my ever-changing, ever-growing movies.  Watch the same movies again in a year and they'll have new surprise scenes added all over. 

I don't like it when movies just regurgitate the same content every time you watch it, see. 

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Posted: 3/3/2017 11:26:47 AM
 Very nice Superdude.
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Posted: 3/31/2017 5:32:52 AM
How very peculiar.  Now that I've done my little cannabis scene, cannabis has just been legalized in South Africa

That means I am no longer a criminal.  So it's like meh, where's the fun in cannabis now?  It's like playing with lettuce. 

A lot of people point with amusement at the fact that it's the HIGH court that made the decision to legalise it.  How high were they when they were discussing cannabis?  Seems enough to make them want some more. 

Well now I'm wondering what I can make a movie about next in order to affect change in society.  With these powers I can be some kind of superhero.

Who's wishing for what?

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Posted: 4/1/2017 2:26:49 AM
 So when is your evil wizard movie going to be released? Or is it out already?
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Posted: 4/2/2017 10:16:45 PM
Some time in the near future if all goes well.  You know how it goes with these things. 

When it's ready you'll be sure to be notified where to get a dose of joy from this piece of cinema.  Thank you for enquiring!   

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Posted: 4/5/2017 2:32:06 AM
 Thanks Superdude!
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