AUTHOR SUBJECT: Why DVDs and Blurays Remain Essential
Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 12/28/2016 8:54:17 AM
An article I shared on my blog. Worth a read!
Why DVDs and Blurays Are essential In The Age Of Streaming.

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Posted: 12/28/2016 11:14:59 AM
"Essential"?  Hardly. 

I take it this is the author's last futile attempt at clinging to the push for sales of physical media since streaming means hardly any money for the smaller filmmaker. 

What physical media means in practice for the consumer is a goddamn hoarded house burstingly full of aging media items that never get used, robbing the inhabitant of the house of space and sanity until the council comes to condemn the property and bulldoze everything. 

Personally I don't even know what idiot would even pay ANYTHING for online streaming.  It's amazing how even unnecessary tollgates like Netflix still manages to exist. 

Free entertainment is everywhere, and say what you will about streaming quality not a billion percent perfect, technology keeps improving and quality can only get better and cheaper, unless cultural marxists manage to kill mankind in time before better technology is allowed to exist. 

It's hard to adapt, I get that.  But physical media is just a novelty now.  Something you play with for sentimental value.  And to smash bugs with.   

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Posted: 12/29/2016 5:44:21 AM
I can't get to your article due to the firewalls we have set up where I work. The military.. such a paranoid group..... anyway, as much as I hate the idea of seeing discs vanish or, at least, become a niche product, I think it is happening and is inevitable. ... You can see how the disc producers are trying to fight it though. You buy a disc and you get a little booklet and a digital download... You get multiple versions of the movie plus hours and hours of behind the scenes documentaries. You don't get any of that when you stream a movie on-line... on the other hand, for the cost of one disc you can gain access to thousands and thousands of movie any time you want in the comfort of your own home or on your stupid little fuking phone for an entire month.. Most consumers seem to be going for the unlimited movie services like Netflix and Amazon.. It's a trade off and a compromise. When I'm standing in front of a display full of movies on disc at the store and I see one I really want to watch, I ask myself; is it worth it to buy this thing?.... More times than not I don't buy it. I go home and see if it's available on-line. If it isn't, I wait because I know it will be. The only exception for me is when the movie has done something ground breaking and I want to watch the behind the scenes documentaries more than I want to see the movie. Then I will buy it every time. Discs will probably never go completely away but there may come a time when only select movies are offered that way. That would be more bad news for indies which would pretty much mean streaming or nothing... I think there are gimmicks that can be used to entice buyers into picking that movie up on disc... The presentation of the disc can also be modified. Right now most discs are presented like a paperback book in the sense that they do not have the prestige of a hard cover book.. Only a few get the hard cover book treatment...... I received the Alien quadrilogy(sp) for Xmas. Let me tell you, the presentation is gorgeous. It looks and feels like a book. You open it up and there are pages in full color. Flip the page and there is a jacket with the first Alien movie.. flip a few more pages and you find the 2nd movie..... THAT is the way to present a movie... Just to be clear, I'm not say the presentation was brilliant because it looks like a book. I'm saying the presentation gave it the prestige of a hard covered book, as apposed to a soft covered book.. If the 4 movie set just came is a typical disc case, the value of ownership would have been diminished... So, maybe put your movie in a book with a few pages of pictures, interviews, behind the scenes pictures, whatever.. You might ask yourself, "I'm just an indie producer. What could I possibly put on those pages that they will want to see?" Good question. It's like asking "why will anyone want to watch this film?".. if you can't answer that one, maybe you shouldn't make the movie.. The book idea is just one but it is a good one. There are others... The future of disc? We will see..... (sorry for the lack of paragraphs. For some reason the line breaks don't show up when I'm posting messages from my work computer..
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Posted: 12/29/2016 8:22:44 AM
PARAGRAPHS!!!!!!!!!  COTDAMMIT JAMES!!!!  When will you learn?  Add paragraphs for easy reading.  No excuses.  Just buy one of those tablets with the semi-full keyboard attached and take it to work with you for quick browsing and PROPER LITERIC TYPING.  No more using the computer the taxpayer paid for, for your personal yacketing on social forums.  Next time I'm reporting you.  Who is your employer again?  Utah Air Force Base?  I'm keeping them on speed dial.

Yeah I got one of them special fancy edition things before that has these shiny gloss cardboard book foldy thingie packagings.  I gave it as a gift for myself.  A surprize mothers' day gift.  It was one for the 1937 Wizard Of Oz.  Four DVD disks and so many books and photos and stuff.  I think tickets to the premiere movie too.  I enjoyed it at the time.  I think I lost it in a flood.  Same one I lost your movie in.

I wouldn't have lost any of that if it was digital!!!  I'd just redownload it.  When will we learn. 

I have many problems with physical media.  Not just DVD's, but VHS tapes and magazines and books and newspapers. 

The magazines............ always a conundrum.  What do you do with them?  Seriously?  They just keep issuing more issues and I don't have more and more space to house them.  

I always go towards them with the full intention of giving them away to the servants so they can let their children do their school projects or something.  They told me the kids cut out the pictures and do like presentations and whatwhat.  So they are my first avenue of magazine riddance.

But then, I get to the real big stashes I have in various places.  

I take the first ones and then the memories of that time when they were fresh, come flooding back.  How old was I and what was the year?  And I flip through them and I forget where I am and those times all replay and relive in my mind. 

I love the ones from my teen years especially.  Teens are the time you live in a wonderful fantasy place in your head.  

And I love all the things and the bands and the music and the movies they tried to ram down our throats through advertising.  It's so odd to see what was appealing back then.  The styles, the clothes, the fashions, the presentation of celebrities.  Har har.  Poor young things are older and uglier than kak now, if not dead.   

Anyway, bottom line is I still have boxes and boxes of magazines that I was intending to throw out, still taking up my workspace because I'm so sentimentally attached with my heart, even though my head knows I haven't read them in so long that I probably never will and they have no real use for me other than keep me living in the past. 

Why do we tend to think the past was nicer than the present and future?    

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 12/29/2016 9:10:56 AM
That's awesome, you'll love that Alien box set! It also has the Aliens extended edition, with the entire scene of the terraformers being invaded by the parasite.

And yes, definitely, film studios will do everything they can to keep the physical media alive, since it does bring in profits, and they rely on profits to fund more movies. Streaming doesn't generate anything for them. It's a major loss of revenues, killing the entire industry. Netflix is a time bomb that will implodes when all producers will give up making movies. Netflix started to produce content - using the money they don't send to exterior film studios, actually. It's like if you, Mike Conway and Marius were giving me your films, I monetize on them using my subscribers, send you a few pennies, and use most of the money to produce original content. That's what Netflix does. They have tens of millions subscribers but still can't make profits. The business model is bound to collapse, it just can't work.

DVDs are there to stay for quite some time, since producers need it for revenues, and movie lovers want to own movies they enjoy. Buyers are paying real money for movies, they want real stuff in their hands. It answers why people don't want to pay for digital stuff. 10$ a month for unlimited movies? What's the share that comes back to the people making these movies? Someone, somewhere paid big bucks to make these films.

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Posted: 12/29/2016 3:07:24 PM
Sv, I think you follow the business much closer than I do so I feel encouraged when you say  you believe discs are here to stay for quite some time..  I hope so..

I have to wonder though, how can Netflix and Amazon and the others have so many titles available if the producers are all getting screwed.  I mean, if I owned the rights to, let's say, The Warriors and Netflix was only going to earn me a thousand bucks a month, why would I make the deal..  Netflix has a lot of  films that are past their life span but some of them are still in their prime and still capable of making money.  Something is missing.  Maybe the deals that Netflix makes with the majors is different than the ones it makes with small time distributors.

People do want to own things that they can hold in their hands. It is a part of being a human.  Things are more real when we can touch them.  They become more personal.  That is why people still buy books and DVDs ..... but it doesn't explain why FEWER people are buying books and DVDs.  Why are people losing the desire to be able to hold the things they own in their hands?? I love my DVD/BluRay collection.  I love my book and magazine collectoin.  I love my notebooks that are filled with things that I wrote.,, and I love computers but I don't want a computer to become a book and a DVD and a notepad... You turn off the computer and what do you have? Nothing.... The internet is out, what do you have? Nothing.... It's the same reason that many people do not like CGI characters instead of animatronics and special make-up FX.  Turn off the computer and it's gone.  That's how it is today...  I'm not a psychiatrist but I think that people use to enjoy at some level knowing that the Alien was actually created and worn by a man.   It was something that you could touch (if you had the chance),,,,,,, or that E.T. is a real movie creatue that performers and puppeteers make come to life, and that they could touch (if they had the chance)..  The Avator blue creatures don't exist when you turn the computer off.  Once you know they are CGI there really is nothing more to talk about.  You could never touch them.  They don't exist.  People did not will them into some form of physical reality......When someone comes over to your house and sees somthing interesting on your shelf, what is the first thing they want to do?  They want to touch it. They want to hold it....  Someone said in one of the Star Trek films that things only seem really real when you touch them.  Even if you can't touch something because it is thousands of miles away or because you don't have access to "it", I believe it still registers differently in your mind knowing that you could touch it if you ever had the chance....  You can never touch a streaming video or a digital book or streaming music.... So why are fewer and fewer of these things being sold??  The obvious answer is that I am wrong.... People don't want to be able to touch the things they own... I don't believe that but it is the obvious answer.....

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 12/29/2016 9:22:55 PM
I don't really know why studios still leave some of their titles to Netflix and Amazon. Likely because they're under contract for a certain number of years, once the agreement will be over, things will get critical for Netflix. Some studios launch their own streaming channels. Sony launched Crackle, for instance. They own pretty much the whole content of Crackle, so there's revenue to be made, and no need to share with a third party - like Netflix.

But I don't know the clear answer. I only know that it doesn't pay much. The math is simple, again. $10 a month for a massive library of titles can't possibly generate great revenue share for the content producers.

But Netflix - much like Google - is a Ponzi scheme. It works because investors believe in it and keep on throwing millions in it. Netflix is in the streaming business for over a decade, and it's still not generating profits. Company said in 2013 that they'd break even and enter in profits in 2014, and it didn't happen. They postponed to 2015, and it still didn't happen. Then they said 2016, still no profits. Last general meeting they said 2017. The company is growing, they have a massive amount of subscribers, but at the same time, their expenses are growing exponentially. Eventually, investors will no longer believe them, and start placing their investments somewhere else, where profits comes in annually. That's usually when Ponzi schemes collapse. It takes 4 days for a large scale company to disappear. Day one, investors start pulling their money and selling their stocks. Day 2, the company runs out of capital. Day 3, banks freeze the accounts associated to the company before they lose everything as well. Day 4, employees of the company find the doors locked, and it's over. Ponzi schemes have no other money than the investors'. When investors feel the company's market to be bearish, they leave the ship. So Netflix, ten years and still no profits, it may not last very long.

As for why there are fewer and fewers sales in home video, I believe it's because the audience is smply saturated. Movies are everywhere, litterally. Buying a new tablet? It comes with free movies. New cable TV subscription? Comes with free movie channels. Buying a new mobile phone? Free movies. Connected to the internet? Movies all over the place, legit or not. Movies licensing is litterally out of control, studios lost track of what film goes where. No wonder they're complaining about their profits being drained.

People aren't bored about DVDs, people still like the physical media. But they're just saturated for now.

The good news it, historically, movie business follow the same path as music business, lagging by a couple of years. And for music, see what's happening these past couple of years. Vinyl records are back, new record labels are forming, and more importantly, new record factories are poping out. With new factories, prices of records will go down. Prices going down, more people will buy records. Take a peek at your local music store, in the vinyl records section. Lots of teens and youngsters in their early 20s. They aren't there because of nostalgia. They want something real, something cool in their hands. They're born with digital music, MP3 and streaming, they've seen that their whole life. And there's nothing appealing in that anymore.

The same pattern will come to the home video.

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Posted: 12/29/2016 10:33:19 PM
Ohhhhhh.  "Essential" in order to keep making money off of, from a content creator point of profit making view. 

I thought you meant essential because there's no useful alternative technology.  I was gonna say, whoooooooooooooaaaa dude no, that's some strong clinging to the past and its ways, it's over get over it.     

Phraze your meanings clear there, Sv.  The article you posted misleads people.  It does indeed go on about how streaming is just ever so bad quality and therefore people should still stick to buying physical disks.  I was gonna say idiot article author  no, mass market success usually depends on price, and there's just no comparison between free & cheap streaming and idiots who charge a million hours of digital library's price for one little Bluray.

In that respect, as a business venture, physical media stands no chance so it's silly to even try unless you can turn it into some gimmick which gives you some retail for a short window of time. 

Thanks for the insight about you people wanting your grubby paws all over the physical media thing.  A month ago a woman I had sold a children's DVD set to, came to me and asked if there's anything she can do because the disk won't play anymore because her todler keeps touching it and making it dirty and sticky with her hands. 

I'm like uh yeah, stop the hell giving the actual disk to your todler.  She's not a DVD player.  The disk goes in the player, not into the child's hands.  The child should have no physical contact with the media itself.   

I told her bah, just copy the files to computer and play it off computer so it's digital and your child can't touch nothing. 

But this conversation with you kids on this forum opened my eyes.  I now understand the concept.  You want to have physical relations with everything you love.  Just like this child wanted to touch the disks and case because I made it much too beautiful.  

It was these she had bought: 

Wow, I want to touch those now.  Maybe we should just add a label, "Touch disks only with clean hands."  Come to think of it, when these were new I touched them and studied them a lot myself. 

I was considering making the next DVD's in the series much more inexpensively packaged, for profit's sake.  But now you have sown doubt in my mind.  Do kids love pretty physical things they can touch and play with in order to form a connection to it? 

Well James who's only 5 years old in my mind has proven here that perhaps we should rethink making things less about the untouchable picture on the screen and more about how to make the disk and packaging into a plaything.

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Posted: 12/30/2016 5:35:06 AM
Strangely put but, yes, make them into playthings..... and I'm not 5 years old in my mind..... I'm 17.

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Posted: 12/30/2016 6:32:45 AM
Yeah I always wondered why I think of you as a little kid.  My logic knows what you might be but my mind sees a playful kid.  But this thread about physical versus digital film experiences explains the whole thing. 

It's because to me you haven't been a physical thing yet.  You've only been digital text.  Some abstract concept in cyberspace, usually throwing tantrums like a todler, so I created my own version of you in my head that I find funny and appealing and that I can relate to, one that doesn't exist likely.   

In analog contrast, I'm sure if I ever physically touched you and felt the wrinkly skin and sagging body parts and saw you physically throwing things at me in anger, I'm sure it would sink in that you're actually an older someone of about retirement age who actually exists in a certain time and space and to actually have a conversation with you I'd first have to lock you in a cage, luring you in with free latex or something.

A thorough study of the creature in the cage should soon set me straight.  Will I like it or find it repulsive?  Whichever happens, I'm sure that won't be no 5 year old kid in there. 

Only then will the actual thing that is you dawn on me. 

Safest is, may we never meet and spoil the fantasy.  

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 12/30/2016 8:02:54 AM
Haha new avatar, James? I love your The Thing sculpture!!!

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Posted: 12/30/2016 7:18:50 PM
Thanks, Sv!  I make those things to sell on Ebay.  So far I have been wildly successful... I've sold one.... BUT, I have given away more than that as good bye gifts to people who have retired from my place of employment. 

Marius, I get what you're saying.  I too have a digital image of you. Without embellishment, I see you as a clown who only comes here for his own amusement. At times I find my digital image of you frightening and even dangerous. Of all the people I've met on the Internet, you are the only one I wish I had never met. I've made friends and enemies but you are the only one I sense something truly disturbing in. ..... and for the record; I'm not wrinkley or sagging and if we ever did meet and you talked to me the way to talk in cyberspace, you would quickly find out that I am not a 5 year old.

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Posted: 12/30/2016 8:29:43 PM
:D  Too bad we can't change the past.  Or can we?  Well we're not going to. 

Don't worry James, fear not the day we meet.  We'll probably just keep it polite, so stress not for that day.  No cages, no knives, no guns, no hand to hand combat, no poisonings, no flame throwing.  Let's make a pact that we'll never kill each other.  You'll sleep better that way.     

LOL, I'm disturbing?  Look at the things YOU sculpt!  What the hands create the mind is flowing over with.  

Until Sv called it a "The Thing" sculpture, I thought your avatar was a self sculpture of the artist or human road kill which made me think YOU are disturbed.  Or find amusement in the sick. 

Anyway, before you think I'm dissing your talent, let me just say that I did so admire your sculpting you did on those homo-erotic wolf dollies you did.  

Those were fantastic.  Shirtless wolves with muscular human bodies.  I'm not sure how a wolf would have a human body or a human would have a wolf head but maybe you just haven't had the opportunity to study what a wolf really looks like.  Or a man.   

Anyway, post the photos of those again some time.  Then I want to put you to work on creating five small sculptures.  Will provide details later.     

Yes, I use the media for my amusement among other things.  Isn't that what it's there for?

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