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Posted: 12/31/2016 6:07:01 AM

The wolfman is a mythological beast that has been around for much longer than I have. Many artists have envisioned it.  The idea of a man becoming a wolf. The wolf in Little Red Riding hood was most likely a wolfman or werewolf. Rick Baker created a werewolf for American Werewolf in London. Rob bottin created werewolves for The Howling.  Jack Pearce turned Lon Chaney into a wolfman for The Wolfman.  A wolfman keeps its human appearance while a werewolf takes on the shape of a wolf.  Both are born of the same legend.

John Carpenter did a remake of a movie called The Thing. For the movie Rob Bottin created some of the most iconic "thinks" that anyone has ever seen.  In the make-up fx world, Bottin is considered a king. Many people have copied his designs directly, calling them &apo;tribute pieces"..  I don&apo;t like to copy anyone&apo;s work directly so, when I decided to make a THING statue one day, I drew inspiration from Rob Bottin&apo;s work but I did not copy it.  Mine is entitled SomeThing.  It took me 15 hours to sculpt, a few days to mold and cast, and a couple of hours to paint.  So far I have made 10 copies of it.

It is true that some of the artist finds its way into the work but some of the time, the work is the artist.  The next creation is called Anguish and it is me.  It is how I was feeling when I was sculpting it. 

Next is a set of  picture of a cobra that I made.

..and for the past bunch of months I have been working on something else.  I call it Candle Woman.  When finished, she will be holding a candle in the palm of each of her hands..

There is more to show but I&apo;ll save it for later.  I just wanted to show that although I do believe that true artists must be disturbed in one way or another, it does not mean that every piece of art is a cry for help or an expression of some deep problem.  Indeed it can be both of those things but it is not a conclusion that should be jumped to.  It&apo;s true that regular people will look at something like a twisted sculpture of some sort of artistic expression and wonder who the mad man is that could create such a thing. All art springs from within but to suggest that it can be used at a mental health barometer probably isn&apo;t true.  Some people don&apo;t have a creative spark and they just do not understand people who do.  They can recognize and  appreciate the creativity in others but for whatever reason, they don&apo;t have it themself.,, either that or they don&apo;t allow themself to have it... If you think about it, the act of creating something that is more than just rearranging the pieces of that which has already been created is an act of insanity.  I mean, to have a mind that can envision things that have never been or, atleast, are so strikingly remove from the source that it blows your mind.  To me, that is the mark of a genius... and I do believe the line between genius and insanity is a thin one.  H.G. Giger is one of the very few artists that I consider TRUE artists.  Sad to say that most "artists" are, at best, skilled knock off technicians.  They can paint or sculpt or weld, or cut glass or whatever they do but they never really bring anything new to the table. .. That is just my opinion.  Maybe everyone who picks up a paint brush or lump of clay is an artist.. I don&apo;t think so and  I am sure they would disagree with me... and I do not think a person should ever call themself an artist unless it is a title that others have bestowed upon them.

I do not consider myself an artist but I am humbled and honored when someone tells me that I am. Titles do not mean anything anyway. They are just boastful labels only truly enjoyed by the mediocre who need them for self image reinforcement. I am just a guy trying to make it through life...

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Posted: 12/31/2016 6:41:26 AM

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Posted: 1/1/2017 3:07:17 AM

Mike Conway
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Posted: 1/1/2017 3:21:04 PM
 Love the Bottin inspired sculpture.  The others are creative and quality work, as well.  Great wolfman, etc.  I'll bet those cobras would be even more scary in a dark room, with a moving aqua light behind them.

An artist is one who makes art.  It could be bad art, it could be good art, but that doesn't change the fact that one who makes art is an artist.  Other people may be atheletes, because they train and compete in sports.  Other people are business professionals, soldiers, gamers, or just plain consumers.

Btw, I think you are a very good artist.  Perhaps, not prolific professionally, but very good period.

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 1/2/2017 8:11:14 AM
Awesome work, James! Very impressive...

And you're correct about HR Giger. A true artist indeed, working on stuff he likes, no compromise. He's moved away from his airbrush landmark work to go into pastels, even though the world was asking him for more Alien design.

Had the chance to speak with him a couple of times, when I published a book on Science Fiction in Switzerland. A real gentleman.

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Posted: 1/2/2017 11:08:39 AM
From what I've seen in a documentary about him, he seemed very quiety...

Wow!  What a memory that must be for you; to have met and talked with H.G. Giger.

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Posted: 1/5/2017 9:03:00 AM
Thank you for the kind words fellas..

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Posted: 1/6/2017 5:10:24 AM
I forgot to answer Marius's question. The wolfman model is not holding a used condom. What you are seeing is a piece of red plastic being used as a divider between the arm and the body. The model and its armature are designed so that the arms and head can be removed for molding and casting. To create a keyed interface between the arm and the body, I sculpted keys into the interface surface of the body then I made some clay paste that I applied to the interface surface of the arm. After that I put the arm back on the model. This causes the clay paste to form itself to the keys I sculpted into the body. When the clay paste becomes hard it becomes a permanent part of the arm that has taken the shape of the keys on the interface surface of the body. That way I end up with an arm that fits very well against the body. The plastic wrap simply keeps the clay paste from sticking to the body. Instead, it only sticks to the interface surface of the arm.. I hope that explains it.
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Posted: 2/16/2017 11:39:55 PM

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