AUTHOR SUBJECT: To my fellow Americans
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Posted: 1/17/2017 1:22:50 PM
I can't wait for the big finale!  Hopefully I won't be disappointed. 

I just wanna say I'm stocking up on much popcorn.  Nice microwave popcorn.  Yum.  I have a whole shelf full to make sure I have enough for some days. 

So anyway, I hope you're ready to put on a delightful show in two days. 

We shall be expecting blood, snot, tears, police beatings, explosions, naked women, kakking in the street, vehicle accidents and blow-ups, flag burnings, ridiculously false media reporting, undocumented shopping sprees, and everything that makes a movie great, dramatic and memorable.  

Of course lots of comedy, such as on social media, although I must say I'm so laughed out by now I really just can't laugh anymore.  The jokes have been streaming non stop 24/7 for months now.  I have a great six pack by now.   

Just know the world is watching and is having a jolly time doing so.  Try to survive and not to assassinate your president just because he's white.  You knew the day had to come a white man finally took the reigns.  Can't always leave the dirty jobs to non-whites.

I finally get why they say politics is all just theater.  For the first time in history, I'm actually watching far less television than I am enjoying various forms of social media and blogs.  The internet finally is paying off as a source of entertainment.  Looks like conventional television might soon be out of our lives.  

Well, y'all try to stay alive now, but if violence does break out, remember to film us some action sequences.  You never know when you can use it in a zombie flick for example.

Above all, PROTECT THE PROTOCULTURE.  If it's destroyed, it's gone forever and mankind will decline to nothingness.  

Now let's sing the national anthem:  GOD WHO MADE THE MIGHTY, MAKES THEM MIGHTIER STILL, ..... wait, I get more songs mixed up that way. 

And now I can't recall how that tune goes that they play on POLTERGEIST before the TV gets ghosty.  Damn remake didn't have it.   

I'll just sing this then: 

"Lord grant that Rick Hunter
May by thy mighty Protoculture
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush,
And like a torrent rush,
Rebellious PC's to crush.
God save the Internet from censorship!"

*sniff*... I always make myself shed a tear. 

K bye, whoever reads this if anybody.  Hopefully nobody because I'm drunk and won't recognise this when I'm sober.    

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Posted: 1/17/2017 9:27:21 PM

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Posted: 1/18/2017 5:03:33 AM
It is going to be interesting. That is a certainty. To this point, everyone is speculating what will happen after this weekend. Will Trump pull off his mask to reveal that he is really Hitler? Will he continue twittering at 3 in the morning? Will storm troopers be dispatched with batons and tear gas to flush out and remove the illegal aliens? Will muslims be put in prison camps or loaded onto garbage barges to be sailed out to the middle of the Atlantic then pushed overboard by large front end loaders?....... Will his Mexican wall come equipped with machine gun turrets? .... and will American businesses stay home instead of setting up factories in 3rd world countries? Will Americans who are able to work be denied welfare? "Get a job you lazy fuk". Will our military get paid when defending another country instead of doing it for free? Will Vince Gillian revive Breaking Bad with more episodes starting with the surprise that Walter White was not dead but only seriously injured? Will Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee suddenly reappear and state they faked their deaths so they could find peace is solitude? We don't know.... It's true; politics these days is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys, not that I've ever seen a barrel full of monkeys except for the little plastic ones we use to play with as children. They were fun but not as much fun as politics... I can only pray that Sarah Palins takes the stage again to complete the cast. She always brought a smile to my face.
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Posted: 1/18/2017 10:21:17 AM
Hey, thanks for joining in, crazy person!  Can't make out heads or tails of what you're saying because it sounds like you're talking about another america.  I'm talking about the one to the west on a map, in the northen hemisphere.

I don't believe trump is going to do even half of those things.  And he's not hitler.  Hitler would be like 80 years old by now.

I'm talking about the trump who is going to be the president in a day or so.  Poor thing is actually the first american president for whom moving into the white house is a terrible downgrading of his accommodations.

Especially in this depiction:


I mean how the fark is he supposed to fit in there?  Like maybe just stand in that dome piece, and whe he wants to lay down he must sleep like on the flag lawn. 

You play with plastic toy monkies in a barrel?  And you whine when I say you're a 5 year old kid.  Boggom boggom.   

Now I'm gonna enjoy some stuff being sent around on the world wide superweb during this exciting time, teaching me all about american culture.  Enjoy!

This looks like something James Rogers might have created.  Except if he did it the mouth would be on the back of the head or something:

Think Donald Trump will win the election?  Not a chance.   Oh, he did?

The antagonists in our story.  Hope this doesn't disappoint;  hoping to see some gunning down by police of somethingorother on the day.  Yep, bring in the troublemakers by their droves!:

When your station is going to broadcast something you don't agree with, and you lose your ability to write something appealing to attract viewers:

Justin Bieber.  Not much to do with politics you say?  Guess again.  In what kind of country with what kind of culture does a little child become this?  Ethnicity confusion?  Anti-clothing something?  Poster boy who sells drugs and street gang culture to the youth?  In his defence, he did miss some spots that don't have tattoo's yet. 

And this story needs good sex appeal to depict a possible future America.  Here's Ryan Cooper recently having impregnated his chick.  I don't know who Ryan Cooper is really, but he seems to build the population with a good gene pool and a willing weener.  Yes, in this emasculated america of today!  A man having sex with a woman and not another man???  Good lord, talk about a rebel:

Last but not least, let's remember the celebrities who said they're going to leave america and move to canada, but who apparently can't move themselves off their imaginary high chairs to do it, or it's not quite working out:

I lurve your culture!  Only from afar though.  :X!

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Posted: 1/18/2017 10:51:34 AM
Yeah, I'm sure South Africa is a much better place to be... ..... .... Why does my head always feel like it's going to explode after ready your hammerings?? Probably because I'm realizing that Planet of the Apes is becoming a reality and you are really a highly trained baboon who is capable of communicating baboon thoughts.... Keep up the good work Ruler of the South African highly trained ape clan.
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Posted: 1/18/2017 12:17:16 PM
LOL, okay sorry there my good man.  Which was it that was too much for you? 

Was it my comments on Justin Bieber? 

Sorry if they came out as hammerings.  I love observing your culture really.  It's like a satanically possessed ant farm in a huge bottle that one can be amused by all day long through the sensation driven media. 

Oh.  I'm doing it again aren't I.  

Well okay then, you pick the subject.  I guess culture studies is too upsetting for you.  

How are you Jamesy?  Sculpt anything deformed today? 

Oh.  I'm doing it again aren't I.  

Well how's the weather in Utah?  

Haa haa.  "Utah".  When will you anglify all the silly U.S. names?  

Oh.  I'm doing it again aren't I.  

So how's your flying thingiemajig doing?  Have you crashed it yet? 

Wait.  I'm almost there.  I shall converse with you in a way that doesn't upset your snowflakey feelings yet!

So James, ............................. ok I got nothing right now.  

But mark my words, I'll be back.  

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with this: 


Ps:  I don't really know who Rosie O'Donnel is but I suppose it's one of the celebs who thought they are more than dancing puppets on screen, who then found out with disillusionment that they aren't actually gods. 

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Posted: 1/19/2017 8:11:22 AM
Tomorrow's the day!  Yay! 

I hope y'all got plenty of bottled water and canned food stored away in your basements and buried in secret bunkers in the back yard. 

Not that you'd need it. 

But it's cool to like have a stash of something, just in case you feel peckish and don't feel like driving to McDonald's.

Well enjoy the day!  Did they make it a public holiday? 

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Posted: 1/19/2017 8:51:51 AM
Reading your posts is like seeing inside a fly's mind.. You're all over the place. Take your meds and get back in your padded room, trained baboon overlord.
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Posted: 1/19/2017 9:24:56 AM
Pfff.  Experiencing menopause, are we Jamesy?  You used to be playful and fun.  Looks like you're done.  You never go along with anything.  Just always whine.        

Anyway, this forum obviously can't be relit.  Y'all don't want to enjoy these exciting few days, love it or hate it, it's quite a different story on facebook, twitter, instagram and about 6 other news blogs & forumlike places I've been socialising at, that are like the lights of the parties 24/7.    

Not sure what went wrong with indieclub but I guess James Rogers.  Naah, that's a joke.  It was dead when he returned here. 

I like exchanging ideas and thoughts and knowledge and amazing amusements, you see.  Seems there's not many here who even have thoughts or ideas. 

Well I'm gonna go have fun with people who are fun.  Enjoy being boring!  No offence.  :D :D :D  

See you when I remember about indieclub again!  Maybe.  Yeah probably.  Just to tell james rogers something to send his blood pressure in overdrive.     

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Posted: 1/19/2017 10:05:12 AM
The thing you don't know is that I've been in an iron lung for the past 6 months and I have had a keyboard strapped to foot so I can type ever since I lost my arms in a roller coaster accident. My left eye was eaten by a bird when I was sleeping under a tree too..... Even with all that going on, I'm still fun,,,, but you're nuts.
Mike Conway
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Posted: 1/19/2017 6:39:24 PM
 Okay, I got some chuckles from reading this thread.  I'm just picturing that "iron lung" scenario!

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Posted: 1/20/2017 3:13:21 AM
It's this year's model.  Carbon fiber and chrome all the way baby...

Off subject (ha, that's a joke)  but if you're a fan of Bryan Cranston (Walter White from Breaking Bad) you might want to pick up a copy of his autobiography.  It is an enjoyable read.  NOTICE: Barnes and Noble has it for $27.00 but you can get it on Amazon for around $15.

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Posted: 1/20/2017 1:10:06 PM
WHOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  That was one flippen good party.  Now where were we? 

With playful I don't mean talk kak like a drug addict.  Secretly I do still think you're the reason people fled this messageboard.  Apparently you caused a lot of irreparable psychological damage.  Shame on you james.  You would never win an election.     

Anyway I digress.  I'm gonna go sleep.  I just came to conclude this chapter for my diary. 

So it's all over now eh?  'Twas more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  

Only late this afternoon did I realise the inauguration is falling on the Friday night at 7pm when I had another engagement with a handful of folks, so we quickly amended our plans to have an "american party".

American dress-up pool party watching the whole thing on the big screen TV through the patio doors while eating and drinking various foodstuffs and liquids that are all american.  Like hot dogs and semen.  A few light alcoholic beverages just to show we're wild.  And in honor of american tradition, we had a wet t-shirt show.       

You people are bloody lucky to have so many white people.  Protect your population composition, or at least make it more white.  You don't know what hell the alternative is.

And you have choir songs that rock.  Choir was great with their folky songs.  You're a lucky nation.  We don't have a government that we relate to like you.  We only have an evil n*ggr ineptocracy who arrogantly plunder, steal, loot and kill, and tells us every day in no uncertain terms that they hate us and are glad their various diabolicies are killing and impoverishing us and would kill us all at once if only they didn't need us to parasite ever more tax money off of.  We despise them and don't recognize them as an actual government.

But back to the party:  Then my new girlfriend and I, or at least I think she's my girlfriend after all we did tonight, made love in the pool to Trump's very inspiring speech, stopping only to listen to some powerful parts.  It seems seeing such a powerful man make such a powerful speech, made her want to feel swept off her feet by a powerful man.  I did the honors.   

I liked the Christian white speaker guy.  Even the Catholic black guy a bit, although Catholisism isn't my cup of tea.  But I didn't know what they were trying to say having the jew up first of all of them.  I think there was a hidden but obvious message communicated by that. 

Then we listened loudly to a Brian Adams CD I found today in a bargain bin, whilst watching Trump wait for his meal.  Or signing some papers.  I don't know, things got kind of localised by this time and we forgot all about america.  I just remember at some point there was a helicopter on screen and we did a helicopter in the pool too.  Quite the experience ;)  And fireworks over the pool.   

Well, I just want to say thank you to you, James Rogers, who voted for Trump along with all the billions of other Trump fans who caused us to have a reason to have our american party:  The inauguration of someone I don't know as president over a country I only dip into from time to time, to move into a greek roman egyptian occult looking building with gregorian looking windows, along with his entourage of beautiful models.  Isn't that reason to celebrate?  We think so.      

Now let's all pen this day into our diaries and go to bed.  

Later bitches!  Sorry if there was more than one thought in this post.  I do so realise james can't follow more than one or two consecutive thoughts or he goes "oh you're so all over the place, oh no please stop this rollercoaster is gonna make me puke on my new pink lacey dress boo hoo hoooooo!!!!"

But this isn't just for people with learning disabilities. 

Good night and thank you!  :X!

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Posted: 1/20/2017 6:07:59 PM
I guess I have to face it; someone in south aftrica loves me... Hey Chim Chim, if you ever make it to the U.S. give me a call.  I'll let you sleep in my backyard.

(chim chim is speed racer's pet chimpanzee)

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Posted: 1/21/2017 9:28:53 PM
Har har, suffering from narcismatic syndrome eh jamesy?  I write about political events and you think it's all about you. 

Well I like the idea of you, yes.  The real you sucks. :)

Now go sculpt something fugly.  I got new things that tickle my interest now.  Along with other parts of me ;)

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