AUTHOR SUBJECT: Facebook Reach ad Kisses & Caroms Free on YouTube
Vince Rocca
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Posted: 9/30/2016 4:10:11 PM
For anyone who is interested in Facebooks reach and numbers.
I posted the full Kisses and Caroms movie 2 weeks ago on a Friday 9-16 at 3:pm.
The post text read "Flashback Friday! 10 years ago my first movie was released by Warner Bros. Today, Im giving it away for FREE. LIKE & SHARE! Im curious to see if this is a viable distribution strategy. As an alternative to LIKE/SHARE you can just be selfish and scroll past this post."
I have 517 friends.
15 friends shared it (thank you)
50 friends liked it (also thank you)
So that is about 3% shares and 10% likes.
The friends of my friends did not share or like the post any further. The only likes those shared posts got were from people who were already my friends. However, people do see and click on things but are reluctant to like/share. So those 15 shares could equate to more eyeballs then the total of like/shares.
Kisses and Caroms has logged 3366 views on YouTube in those 2 weeks. My YouTube Traffic Source Analytics indicate that 42 views are from Facebook. 38 of those come from the 1st day. So Facebooks reach is just the first day. Note: 110 views have an unknown source.
On Saturday 9-17 at 11:43am I posted the Kisses and Caroms Trailer.
The post text read "Hit LIKE if you see this post. Im wondering if Facebook is burring Youtube posts." note: burring was suppose to be burying, my bad.
That post got 42 likes and no shares. That is 8% of my friends (again thank you).
The trailer has logged 379 views on YouTube in the past 2 weeks. My YouTube Traffic Source Analytics indicate that 9 views are from Facebook. 8 of those come from the 1st day. So the reach of that Facebook post is also just the one day. Note: 13 views have an unknown source.

Note: at the time of this writing, I have 19,777 YouTube subscribers.

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 9/30/2016 5:23:50 PM
I hope you don't trust the analytics...! They may be very, VERY tweaked.

Facebook artificially limits the visibility of any outlink - like Youtube videos. Facebook works best when you keep people inside Facebook, like, if you publish your video in Facebook and run ads in Facebook to lead your Facebook audience to a Facebook page.

Facebook ads are also a scam - unless, again, you use the ads to keep Facebook users inside Facebook. I used to run ads on Facebook several years ago. I had a pretty decent performance, mainly because I was paying some $30 a day. Clickthru analytics (to my streaming TV website) as reported by Facebook advertiser's console were decent. However, since I was operating my own web server, and had full access to my server's logs, it was easy to compare Facebook reports with the actual traffic coming to my website. How many of these Facebook 'visitors' came to my website via Facebook ads? None. Nada. Zilch. Facebook analytics are precise, they tell you at what time a visitor clicked on your link. If your server logs does not record a visitor at the precise moment, you have your answer.

Metrics views on Youtube are also tweaked. Not all viewers count as one. People spending their days on Youtube count as one viewer. Because they generate profits to Google. Occasional Youtube visitors count for 1/5 (or less) of a viewer. Meaning, you need to have five viewers of that class to count one view. In other words, it tells Youtube content creators to bring people, advertise their channel, promote like crazy. They want you to bring as much people as possible inside.

All social networks work the same way.

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Posted: 9/30/2016 10:50:07 PM
SV, I'm not sure Vince meant to start a conversation about analytics as much as he wanted to let us know to watch his movie. 

I'll go watch it. 

Vince Rocca
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Posted: 10/1/2016 1:02:33 AM
LOL ROTF. MooiTV thinks im spamming for views. HAHA!

Mooitv- I made K&C with the help of indieclib. I credit IC, Eric and Daniel and Laura who led the LA monthly meetings in my book Rebel Wothout a Deal. That book, which you are welcome to buy :), details all the numbers behind K&Cs Warner Bros. release, including financial statements.

Old time ICers know Im a numbers dork and I try to give back. Sadly, the few views I will get from IC are not worth spamming.

Also, when k&c was finished I gave away a bunch of copies to icers, so most have seen it. Id be surprised if I got 10 clicks from here, the above links were more about providing all the info to anyone who is considering puting their flicks on yt.

That being said (or written), thanks for watching it and I hope you find it helpful.

SV - I thought fb limited the distribution too, which is why i did this test. But, my fb yt posts had a 10% reach, which is what a typical status update would get. So IDK?

I do know fb video numbers are inflated because of autoplay scrolls.

The problem with FB ads are click farms. Click farms try to disguise their clicks by clicking on legit stuff, so it is harder to discover the post that paid a click farm for likes.

I had to log in on a computer to edit this post
because it looked so bad from a mobil device.
And what&apo;s the deal with apostrophies?

Posted From A Mobile Device

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Posted: 10/1/2016 4:32:54 AM
Well if we are going to talk strictly analytics, let us please start talking money.  Those are the statistics people always wonder about.  Can we all become YouTube millionaires?


Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 10/1/2016 6:27:17 AM
Marius, Vince is a long time member and an experienced, professional filmmaker I met a few times in person in Hollywood. He's nothing of a spammer..

I understand your point Vince, I know all those strategies FB is deploying to trick likes, views, shares and so on should be made illegal. But the big picture is that they try to hide the truth and blur reality. If numbers were so shining, they wouldn't bother masking anything. Same goes for Youtube, why do they bother using algorithms? A view should be someone clicking on a video and watch it. If you trick that simple reality, it's cheating. And you don't cheat just for fun, you cheat to hide something.

You know, when investors owning millions in Google stock shares don't even have access to the real numbers, there's something ugly hiding in the shades.

Will you be at AFM in November?

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 10/1/2016 6:55:04 AM
The recipe that works best - based on my experience - is by posting your videos to your blog, preferably hosted on your own server (you can use the free WordPress kit, download and install on your Linux or Apache server).

Post your content to your blog, and configure the blog to share everything you blog to your social media accounts. That will bring traffic to your personal space, and you'll have access to the real metrics, see how many bots come to scan, and how many real views you're getting. Preferably you also host your video on a server you manage, and have access to metrics. Connect that video to your blog, and you'll see everything.

Posting videos to Youtube, you'll NEVER know the real numbers. Your view counter may show low count, but reality could be that you have many, many views. Low view count makes content creator to promote further the video and bring more audience to Youtube, and that's what Google want.

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Posted: 10/1/2016 8:00:32 AM
Yes I know who Vince is. 

I remember posting videos on YouTube in 2005.  Views and comments came automatic.  YouTube was fun back then. 

I just assumed as more videos were uploaded than there are people on earth, the chances of people viewing mine became slim.  But perhaps you're right that view count corruption could also meanwhile have come into play.  Nobody can track it except google. 

Vince Rocca
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Posted: 10/2/2016 12:19:19 AM
NOTE: I REMOVED ALL THE apostrophe&apo;s because of the weird code "&apo;"

MooiTV- "please start talking money." This is a topic Ive never shied away from. I detail it extensivly in my book. And Ill share my youtube stats with you in a moment.

But first, back in the days of myspace I was able to get over 100k views on the K&C trailer and propel K&C to number 58 movies on the imdb charts when it was released. This was with about 4000 myspace friends. Most who I didnt actually know.

Today I have 500 FaceBook friends most of whom Ive actually met face to face. I had some suspicions about facebooks algorithms and also wondered if my friends could be deployed. Also, those who did share, what was the virility?

It looks bleek and I dont think much can be done with facebook marketing anymore. I find I get more views from strangers then friends. I think friends are afraid to share something their buddy did because they either dont want to be braggy, or they dont want to be connected.

If I share a strangers post and one of my friends says, you like that cr@p? I can say, No, I thought it was stupid too, can you believe that???

But if I share a friends post and god forbid it doesnt align politically with a coworker or boss and they say, You hang out with people like this? Then Im pigeon holed. So thats why I think strangers are better at getting the message out then friends.

Can we all become YouTube millionaires from uploading our movies to Youtube? NOPE! Not all of us. And certainly not me.

Kisses and Caroms right now has 3708 views. It has earned $6.88 That is about .00185% of views. I find this to be doing slightly better then average. My channel, along with most youtubers I know get paid about .0015% of what their views are. But this in dependent on channel content.

Casey Neistat has 5mil subscribers. His last 7 videos have gotten 15,130,729 views or about 2,161,532 views on average.
PewDiePie has 48mil subscribers. His last 7 videos have gotten 20,962,232 views or about 2,994,604 views on average.

Based on my .0015 average, Casey would make about $3242 on an average video and PewDie would make $4491 per video. This is $97,260 per month for Casey and $134,730 per month for PewDiePie.

Casey has a tenth of the subscribers as PewDie, but nearly the same average views. That means Casey has a highly engaged audience. I suspect based on youtube algorithms (like Sv mentioned), that Casey actually gets paid more.

Sv- Will you be at AFM in November? Probably not. I tend to identify as a television editor and youtuber more then a filmmaker. So AFM isnt really a draw for me anymore. Are you going?

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Posted: 10/2/2016 3:36:49 AM
mmmmmmmm!  $100,000 per month, arghghghghghghghghghghghhg!!!!!!!


Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 10/2/2016 4:54:57 PM
I don&apo;t know if I&apo;ll make it to the AFM this year. Not as producer for sure, maybe as a visitor, drop by and shake hands with some friends. I&apo;ll decide at last minute. I don&apo;t have any new movies for sale so I didn&apo;t invest in a suite.

If you folks plan on making $100k a year out of your website, it is possible, though it&apo;s a question of how much traffic you can get. Based on a clickthru of 1% (which is pretty high), you need 100,000 visitors a day, all year long, to generate $100,000 in ad revenue.

You can see the complete math here.

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Posted: 10/2/2016 11:04:40 PM
Vince was talking around $100,000 PER MONTH in his examples.  Not per year.   

My personal objection to even going into it is how saturated the market of online videos is. 

But, it's something I like doing so I guess all that remains is to get started and build up a massive collection of videos. 

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Posted: 10/6/2016 2:52:11 PM
 Hey MooiTV... If ya start a SLOBBIES channel on yt, I will be your first sub!
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Posted: 10/7/2016 1:23:50 AM
Lol, cheers Aldridge! 

I actually started getting SLOBBIES videos ready for this very purpose.  Not YouTube but  

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Posted: 10/8/2016 5:53:09 AM
I'm still sticking to my guns. Yes, the world has changed and between the internet, YouTube, and digital video, there is a glut of product out there for people to choose from.  Between clips of somebody's cat eating potato chips and 3 minute humorous blurbs it's going to be hard to get people's attention but I still believe that something new and imaginative can find its place at the top of the pile...  I no longer look at my film making endeavors as a career or any kind. I think of it more as a painter who paints a picture that means something to him/her.  I'm doing it because I want to. After that, I will offer it to the public.  That's all.  I'm really not interested in making 200 short videos then selling views for a few pennies.  I'm making a feature film that will be offered on-line for a dollar or so.  Also available on Blu-ray...  

In the past, indie film makers would shoot themselves in the foot by making $10,000 to $20,000 dollar movies then selling them for 15 bucks or more.  This isn't realistic.  Why would a buyer want to spend that much money on some obscure little film when for the same money they could by the latest "block buster" movie.  Sell them cheap.  Lead the consumer to the idea that "what the hell, it's only a few dollars. I'll buy it"...

Don't play into the YouTube mentality where people jump from video to video to amuse themselves while going through their daily routine.  Make your offering something special.  There are more mainstream viewers out there than people who have some kind of emotional connection to film making but there are still plenty of people who, for one reason or another, have a fondness for little indie films. People who toy with the idea of making a movie themselves, actors, fx artists, horror fans.  These people are more likely to want to watch a low budget film than the average person who only wants to be entertained.  Cater to these people.  I think we are in a boutique business.  What we do does not appeal to everyone.  Sure, every once in a while there is a film that pierces the veil and appeals to the masses (Blair witch, open water) but it is rare.  If it happens, great!  but it's more likely that the people who will appreciate what we do are not mainstream....

I still believe that it is possible to make a good film that people will want to watch no matter what it's shortcomings  are.  We all have our "guilty pleasures".  Laser Blast is not a good film but I love it!  I don't know why. Maybe it's the film maker in me that enjoys what they tried to do even though they didn't really succeed...  I'm not part of the mainstream.  I don't watch the Batman movies or any of the latest special effects bonanza films.  They make me sick. They have nothing to interest or excite me.  I'd much rather watch a film of lesser quality that is imaginative.  Marius had a series he sent me years ago about a guy looking for his purpose. He travelled all over the place looking for it.. I loved it.  It was fun and imaginative and completely kept my interest.. That is what we should be doing... Vince's film, Kisses and Caroms, was a complete knock off of Kevin Smith's brand of film making but it was good. I think it was a risky film to make since it offered little more than dialog but he pulled it off.  My hat is off to him.  Mike Conway's film Terrarium was good too. Not because of anything specific in the film but because of the feeling it radiated.  I enjoyed it.  SV, I've only seen one of your films many years ago, Purple Glow I think it's called.  I didn't like it simply because the film offered naked chicks who were not very attractive......... I'm getting off subject.

When digital video became available to the masses it was like filling a football stadium with people who all had something to show.  In that kind of situation, how do you get noticed?  The answer is actually very simple and obvious; have something that the others don't have.  If everyone is trying to make a movie that shows off how the producer figured out how to do a green screen shot then DON'T do that. .. Use green screen as a tool but don't showcase it. If everyone is using the MTV fast pace editing techniques then DON'T do that. Let your camera work and editing be invisible..... .... oh, and here's a thought; try to have a story that is actually interesting!!   The idea that the only thing people want is entertainment will be your peril.  Have a strong story that you craft in such a way that it is entertaining too.  Face it; special effects are no longer enough.  Everybody has special effects. Everyone from Hollywood to the kid who just got a copy of After Effects.  Sure, Hollywood special effects are superior to anything we can do but that's only because they have armies of artists working on them but they have constructed their own doom. They must constantly be working new special effects that have never been seen before.  At first it was fire then water, then sand, then photo-realistic characters, backgrounds, dynamic shots....... The day will come when there isn't much more they can do. They are painting themselves into a corner and they are raising the cost of producing a film by doing this.  Also, as it has been said many times before, when everyone does special effects they cease to be special... We need to stop trying to win the special effects war.  We can't.  We don't have the equipment or the soldiers.

Coffee's ready.  Got to go..

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Posted: 10/8/2016 5:43:42 PM
James..'I think we are in a boutique business.'

Exactly why I adore Mike Cervello's masterpiece, I CREATOR.

They just don't get any more boutiquey than that.

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Posted: 10/8/2016 8:35:48 PM
Cervello's masterpiece had potential. I think he had the right idea and he obviously had a vision that he tried to get across... For me, he failed though. The idea and execution of it was too underdeveloped to be enjoyed on any level. The women were beautiful and their costumes were a perfect complement to their beauty. That's the only positive thing I can say about I Creator. Except for the casting of the women, I think a better movie could have been made by a troop of chimpanzees on LSD.

Since I named a few films earlier, I should also say that Greg Parker's film, Lord of the Dead. was good.  It was kind of a cross between a John Water's film and The Evil Dead. I think when I first reviewed it on this board years ago I said that while watching it, I kept hoping my video tape player would explode to put me out of misery.. hehehe... Looking back, that's not true.  It was enjoyable.

So far, I've only made 2 movies. Both shorts. The first was called Suspire. Shot on 16mm.  The second was Beneath the Full Moon shot on minidv.  Neither one was great but a suprising number of people seemed to like Beneath the full Moon... That's not saying much considering less than 100 people have seen it.. If you are one of the few people who own the DVD for Beneath the Full Moon then surprise!  Suspire is also on the disc.  It's an easter egg after the end credits..

Besides my 2 little films, I've worked on 5 others, including Mike Conway's Exile.  To this day it kills me that some people are fortunate enough to raise the money to make a feature film but don't bother to fully develop the script.  I'm serious. It's like finding a golden ticket to Willey Wonka's chocolate factory then getting lost on the way and ending up in New Jersey. .....

There I go, getting off subject again...

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Posted: 10/8/2016 11:44:30 PM
I wanted to thank you again James for sending me your work, BENEATH THE FULL MOON many years ago. And, free of charge which was very generous of you.  

  I CREATOR is a friggin scream. Mike Cervello is a complete and total mystery and it came across very well in IC. When Cervello announced he was going to direct something that the world had never seen before, he was not bullshitting. He did things that no other filmmaker on Earth would even dream of doing. 

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Posted: 10/9/2016 8:10:34 AM
You are welcome :)

as for I Creator;
You've got that right.... Who knows, maybe with a bigger budget his film could have reached that status that *THE ROOM found; a bewildering cult classic.

*The Room
Tommy Weiseau's 6 million dollar indie film. deamed the worst film ever made. Released in 2003.  Only went to the theaters because Tommy 4 walled a theater to play it.  Opening weekend I think it grossed $1,400.  He kept it in the theater for years along with a large billboard in California that he also paid for.  By shear will and a lot of money his film was finally recognized, not as the hard hitting drama that we envisioned but as a mysterious and strange comedy.  To this day, The Room is playing in theaters around the world.  Weiseau himself often times makes appearances at the theaters to answer questions.  The co-star and friend of Weiseau wrote a book about the experience of knowing Tommy and making The Room.  It's called The Disaster Artist.  I recommend people see the movie several times (it takes that long to realize you weren't hallucinating) then read the book.  I guarantee you will count the book as possibly the most entertaining book you've ever read.  I did.  I found myself laughing hysterically.

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Posted: 10/9/2016 9:43:43 AM
I'm making a feature film that will be offered on-line for a dollar or so.
This will work if you have millions of fans who each pay a dollar. 

In the past, indie film makers would shoot themselves in the foot by making $10,000 to $20,000 dollar movies then selling them for 15 bucks or more.

Actually $24.99 or $29.99 was the norm. 

The smallness of the pool of customers to make up the costs and profit from causes prices higher than mainstream movies.  Sort of the wrong way around. 

Also available on Blu-ray... 

For one dollar?   

The answer is actually very simple and obvious; have something that the others don't have.

Works equally well if you copy something popular that many others have marketed successfully. 


Cool made up word. 

I don't watch the Batman movies or any of the latest special effects bonanza films.

Yes you do. 

Marius had a series he sent me years ago about a guy looking for his purpose. He travelled all over the place looking for it.. I loved it.  It was fun and imaginative and completely kept my interest.. That is what we should be doing...

It was cool wasn't it.  Thanks for loving it. 

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Posted: 10/9/2016 12:47:34 PM
A respected business man once told me the number one business fact that his company lives by;
More people have $5 in their pocket than $10.....  He ran one of the largest novelty wholesale companies in the country.

Sorry if my words became confusing but I never said I'd sell Blu-rays for $1.  I was talking about on-line streaming sales...  Blu-rays would probably be $5...  I've also been looking at the idea of offering the movie as a digital download with a polite request for donations and a Paypal button on the page... Like I said, I no longer look at any of this as a career.  It's something that I'm going to do.  I'm paying for it out of my own pocket. If I don't see a cent, I'm ok with that,,,,, but something tells me that I will actually see a lot more than a cent..

Suspire is not a made up word.

Truly, I don't watch the batman movies or any of that Hollywood crap.

Mainstream watches more of the same because they are sheeple.  I don't care about them and I am not planning on catering to them..  On the other hand, I think they will like what I'm making.

I don't believe in milking people for every cent.  The USA is in trouble (and possibly the world) because business is taught to "charge as much as they are willing to pay".  I think that's wrong.  I see nothing wrong with offering a good deal.

The idea of charging more for an indie film because it has fewer interested customers doesn't make any sense...  Yes, I can see a company who makes a special surgical tool charging a lot for it but that's not the same as asking Joe Aint got nothin to do  to pay a lot just because he might like monster movies and you just made one..,.....................  This is really a pointless conversation because we haven't defined the terms.  Actually, I have.  I said this is no longer a career endevour for me.  My goal is not money although I would welcome it if it came to that..   If someone makes a $30,000 film and hopes to make money by selling expensive copies, good luck.  At our level just make the film.  If you're interested in making money then make a film that you THINK people will like.  After that, it's really out of your hands...  Am I talking from experience?  No... Just using common sense.. 

Mike Conway
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Posted: 10/9/2016 1:12:10 PM
 The decapitation in BENEATH THE FULL MOON is one of the best effects I ever saw.  The movie was enjoyable.

I CREATOR was pretty hilarious.  Didn't that movie bust your speakers, Vince?  The sound levels played havoc with my system.

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Posted: 10/9/2016 1:45:42 PM
Mainstream watches more of the same because they are sheeple.  I don't care about them and I am not planning on catering to them..

Hey don't diss the sheeple.  They keep the economy going.  People like you and I who don't spend easily won't sustain an economy. 

Well, glad you got some plans together.  You'd better get to work.  Bergie Van Baff won't animate all by himself.

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Posted: 10/9/2016 2:34:14 PM
Thanks Mike :)  I think the decapitation worked because I used a fake head instead of just digitally cutting it off the body.

Bergie Van Baff is not in my movie...

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Posted: 10/10/2016 11:20:32 AM
Your avatar is ugly.  Put one of your smiling face up there. 

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Posted: 10/10/2016 3:26:56 PM

That is David Patrick Kelly.  Known for playing Luther in The Warriors, Sully in Commando w/Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Luther in 48 hours w/Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte... Plus, he played in Crooklyn and other movies.... He's not ugly.

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Posted: 10/10/2016 9:33:09 PM
So if it's not you in any way, why use it?  Don't be ashamed of yourself.  

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Posted: 10/11/2016 9:10:46 AM
Marius, If I didn't know you from the past, I would assume you are my punishment for being such as ass in the past. I would think that Karma sent you to me to show me how I made other people on this board feel.. The problem is that I do know you and I remember that you have always been an arrogant, confrontational wise guy... and not just to me. You have been rude and disrespectful to everyone. You strut around this place telling people like Mike "conman" and "comic book guy" that you know better than they. They have had success yet you never miss an opportunity to tell how you could do it better,, and how ridiculous they are for doing what they do... You never miss a chance to show how little you think of everyone else... I have been kind to you in the past. I even sent you a digital recorder years ago out of good will and friendship. Yes, we use to joke around about wrestling baboons and things like that but you don't know the limits........... Please, all I ask is that you stop directing any comments to me whether they are film related or not. I don't care to communicate with you any longer. I like some of videos you made in the past and I'm glad I was able to put together a shot for one of them but I don't want to have to put up with you from this day forward. Respect my wishes,, and consider what you say to other people as well.. It's not like anyone is antagonizing you. Far from it. There are only a handful of member left at Indieclub and we all seem to still come here to talk movies. Look back over the past few months since you came back. Nearly all of your posts read as though they were written by a troll. Sometimes you offer good conversation but more often than not your posts are laced with flowery insults and back handed complements. They were that way in the past and they are that way now.. I don't have a holier thou attitude. I still slip from time to time to poke fun at Mike Cervello but I'm trying not to. I don't think Mike is on this board any longer but if he were, I would certainly not be insulting toward him.
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Posted: 10/11/2016 12:29:48 PM
Cute hissy fit James. 

"They have had success yet you never miss an opportunity to tell how you could do it better,, and how ridiculous they are for doing what they do..."

I don't believe I EVER told anybody here how to do their jobs.

I'll just tell you my real position on these here folks:

Mike Conway:

I can only admire the way Mike Conway turned "independent film" into fun with a big yearly birthday bash slash backyard film festival.  Not only that, he made it into a positive philantropic celebration party during which him and his lovely wife feed the hungry whites of his community with free food and drink at his own expense.

Furthermore I also know from time to time he receives royalty cheques for his work of tens of thousands of dollars, give or take.  So he's an astute businessman about it too.  

Mike Conway's model of "independent film" looks like a blast.  I take my hat off to him.  

SV Bell:  

We don't know each other but so far it seems to me SV Bell draws and sells comic books, hence "comic book guy".  My opinion from what I've seen is that this  guy is a true artist and good at drawing comic book style.  It's too dark for my taste, but I suppose he does it that way because them whose bread you eat's  word you speak.

James Rogers:

You seem riddled with self doubt, weakness, self-stupidifying and a few more things among which frustration.  You know you could be more, but you hold yourself back to fit in or something.  Deem yourself too light in the pants for the limelight so you hide.  

Why do you have to always try  your darndest to identify with loserism?  Why do you think I would disapprove of your stupid avatar?  Your little actor you say is not ugly is not ugly, but in that specific acting picture he looks  like some sickly loser character who's got many screws loose.  And that is what you choose to identify with?  That is what you want to represent you??

You are a talented sculptor of German descent.  You got nothing to be ashamed of.  You got all the gifts you need to do everything you want. 

And you do NOT have to hide your "movie" that you claim to be making just because you think everybody will think it's stupid.  That's your self imposed  self doubt controlling you again.  Whatever crap you're making, it's just as valid as anybody else's crap.  Maybe even better.  If it's not, just keep  churning them out.  Sooner or later the practice will make you improve.

Don't even let the thought of not making the best movie in the world scare you off.  Just tell yourself and make peace with it, "It will NEVER be as good as Marius' movies anyway,  but a good second, by jove!"

I thank you.

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Posted: 10/11/2016 12:55:18 PM
Not German. Austrian..... now go away you baboon blowing circus geek.
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Posted: 10/11/2016 2:11:51 PM
You go away.  You have no authority to tell anybody to do anything and never will have. 

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 10/11/2016 7:42:11 PM
Haha, "Comic book guy". I like that.
I'm basically a storyteller. Whatever media to tell a story works for me. I write, draw, paint, and, yes, make movies. My films aired on TV, and been dubbed in foreign languages. Some of my paintings became classic heavy metal album covers. Does it all really matters? Of course not. My work would remain totally obscure or ignored, I'd still do it. I need to tell stories for the same reasons people need to breathe. It's a matter of survival.

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Posted: 10/12/2016 6:07:51 AM
Sounds just lovely!  You can be my new friend since james is incompatible with me.  
I also do all those things;  write, draw, paint, make movies, and some of my 3D imagery work became trance album covers. 

Keep up the good work, brother! 

Vince Rocca
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Posted: 10/14/2016 9:15:20 PM
Well this has gotten waaaaayyyyy off topic.

Mike - Icreator did reek havoc on my speakers and eyeballs.

If anyone is still interested Kisses and Caroms is gaining around 4000 views a day and now has 31,269 views. It has grossed $76.59 so thats a factor of .0024 so it is preforming pretty well.

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Posted From A Mobile Device

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 10/15/2016 6:48:11 AM
Vince, have you tried to place your film(s) on your own website - even embedded YouTube stream - and load ads from a non-Google network? I bet you'd get much more revenues off K&C.

I'm using Project Wonderful, their ads are bid-based, so it's interesting. Totally transparent, you can see your ads performances, how much they generate, and where comes the traffic for your site.

See my full member stats, to give you an idea: Sv Bell on Project Wonderful

Some folks are getting a very decent revenue out of their traffic thru Project Wonderful. See their metrics here.
Google tweaks your metrics and stats so they can pocket much more than what they actually tell you. Project Wonderful do not.

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Posted: 10/15/2016 8:08:13 AM
Thank you Vince.  I got quite nautious when I read that.  31,000 views = $76? 

Even though that is not a bad performance for this type of operation, I almost lost all hope for life.  None of us do all this work of making and distributing a film just for the possible prospect of seeing 76 dollars.  I just puked.  

A few questions: 

1.  Is this all google adsense? 

2.  Are there still advertising costs of your own to deduct from the $76, that you spent to get that many views?

Well at least it's not your only video so if you can do that on a thousand videos, you'd have 76,000 dollars.  Which sounds better. 

Well as mentioned I started a proof run meself with videos and movies and clips and bonus material, to see if ad supported online distribution for the single filmmaker who provides all content himself, is worth anything.  Shall post about it in a thread called SLOBBIES.  Y'all go peek at it now! 

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 10/15/2016 10:56:00 AM
A friend of mine, Patrick Boivin, makes about $60k a year on Youtube with his stop motion videos. He's having a few hundreds of these movies he's made, most of them having about 250k views. Some of them are tens of million views. All these combined generate $60k a year.

That is a lot, lot of work, and takes several years to achieve. And of you slow down, the revenues also slow down. It's continuous promotion work, you have to constantly bring people to Youtube. So bottomline, he's probably getting about the same .0024$ average as Vince.


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Posted: 10/15/2016 11:20:36 AM
Yes, so the secret is still mass producing millions of videos.  A lot of work indeed for a one person production studio. 

I have also noticed that even though a video page may be listed on google within anything from three days to 2 months, it takes almost exactly one year before spontaneous traffic starts coming in droves.  Like, your pages first have to sink into the internet properly into all search engines and indexes before search traffic comes by itself.  If you want traffic before then, you need all sorts of subscribers and twitter and facebook followers and post about it in millions of places online. 

Well I have just about the first 100 pages now.  First goal achieved.  Yay! 

Now follows more.  Forever.  For the rest of my life if this is going to work.  Yay.  I have turned into my own slave. 

But hopefully it will be worth it at some point in time. 

Vince Rocca
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Posted: 10/16/2016 2:30:10 PM
MooiTV - 1. Yes it is all ad sense. 2. No I haven't spent a dime on promotion. Nor have I posted the link anywhere except here and on my FB page. As stated above about FB, very little traffic comes from my FB post and very little from here. So all these views are generated from within the Google verse.

A boxer once said of Don King, for every million he stole, he made me 5.

So if Google is screwing me, meh, so be it. My schedule is pretty pack for the next couple weeks, but as soon as I get a breather, I'll have a look at Project Wonderful.

My YouTube model is consistency for subscribers. For the past 5 months I've posted a new video every friday at 3:pm. I keyword the crap out of them, then I hope my subscribers give them enough views to rank up on their keywords. Then when someone searchs that keyword they'll see my video and hopefully subscribe.

For example, we did a video on Hansen Dam, it's not a highly searched place. My subscribers who have become accustom to Friday uploads watch it and it racks up 200 to 1000 views. These views cause YouTube to rank the videos relevance on Hansen Dam higher. So now when you search Hansen Dam on YouTube, my video is one of the top choices. Now I hope the serchers for the dam watch it, like it, watch my other videos and subscribe so they are added to the mixture.

Kisses And Caroms was/is being torrented by the millions. I get nothing off that. So $76 bucks is a huge amount, plus it brings in future subscribers that can be invaluable.

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Posted: 10/17/2016 3:42:06 AM
Plus the obvious thing to keep in mind is it's $76 so far, and climbing with time.  So good work mexican!    

Will you also post your movie on ASAP and post the link here please?  But don't take long. 

Ps:  Do enable "monetization" on it once uploaded. 

Vince Rocca
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Posted: 10/17/2016 9:36:03 AM
The mexican cooment is weird. Im not sure our relationship has progressed to nicknames. I don't even use a nickname as my screen name, so I'm not sure where I gave off a vibe that I wanted to be singled out and identified as only a Mexican. I'm many things, but I have an actual name and I use it. So I'd appreciate it if you respectfully used it too.

I will consider dailymotion, but my next two weeks are packed, so the soonest would be November.

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Posted: 10/17/2016 11:37:01 AM
Oh right.  You're like that are you.  Nobody may be anything.  All are artificially "the same".  We must pretend to all conform to some fake nothingness where we don't see each other.  As you wish. 

I'm from a multi-multicultural world where people are proud to be seen for what they are, and like to be recognised as identifiable from the others, just as each of the others have a unique heritage nobody else have.  It's a pride thing.  Know who you are and where you came from and be proud to be so.  We even have a "heritage day" yearly when festivals nationwide bring this home, showing off every seperate culture's culture in a festive concert & stuff.  We need that so we don't drown each other in some murky mass where nobody feels at home.         

But forget that now.  You won't understand such things.   

With dailymotion you could earn with ads just like youtube, except when someone else embeds your video on their websites, the owners of the sites can share in the revenue too, which is incentive for them to ebmed & promote it, which is good for you. 

That's what I thought to need it for.  I do freelance writing & reviewing & online marketing too.  So I had a thought your book info & movie & review about it including amazon sales link might have made something to create content about to earn a few nickles or so.     

But for one thing I remembered only later that unfortunately dailymotion may stop showing ads on videos that aren't suitable for minors, as advertisers may not allow that in their policies.  Come to think of it, youtube's adsense may too.  

And probably that movie embedded on a webpage with 3rd party advertisements might create trouble from the advertisers who might see it as unsuitable for their brand. 

So, it probably won't work this time quite as well as hoped.  My bad.  Forget it and relax.  Let's just do hope that you don't find one day that youtube stopped your earnings on K&C because of the stuff in it that's not for kids.   

Vince Rocca
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Posted: 10/17/2016 3:14:58 PM
If I believed "All are artificially 'the same'" then I would categorize myself into a race or group. I believe we are all unique and should be accepted for that. I am Vince Rocca, there is only one of me and that is how I present myself.
I am from Italian/Mexican decent, but I was born and raised in Southern California, very much outside of any ancestral culture. My unique heritage is American. Californian. And I am proud of those things. I am also proud of my Italian/Mexican heritage. I'm proud of many things. Most of all I'm proud to be Vince Rocca. And just as I respectfully address you as MooiTV (the way you have presented yourself) I would hope everyone would respect me and address me as I have presented myself.

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Posted: 10/17/2016 10:30:23 PM
I am also proud of my Italian/Mexican heritage

Oh good.  Cos for a minute there you seemed to take offence to being called mexican.  I was thinking to have to call you "one standard issue human unit with no discernable bloodline features" next.     

But Vince Rocca it is. 

I would hope everyone would respect me and address me as I have presented myself.

But if they don't, it doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have respect for you. 

I am from Italian/Mexican decent

So is my favorite pizza

I'll think of you when I have it this morning.   

Stay cool dude!  Or "Vince Rocca", in case you deem "dude" too informal for where our "relationship" is at.  


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Posted: 11/25/2016 11:34:58 PM
By now how are we doing with this?   Have you crossed the $500 mark yet? 

Vince Rocca
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Posted: 1/16/2017 1:19:17 AM
The average YouTube video earns 1-2 CPM. Kisses and Caroms is earning 1.04 CPM, which is low. I suspect because of its long form nature. The Movie has been on YouTube for 4 Months and has gotten 223,368 views. It currently gets about 2000 views a day. Total revenue to date $214.25.

The movie does bring in about 100 subscribers a week. So about 1200 over it's current run. I'd value those subscribers at .10 each, so another $120 bucks.

In short, the free version is not worth keeping up on YouTube.

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Posted: 1/16/2017 5:32:13 AM
Seems worth it enough.  That's roughly $50 a month.  Just replicate it with more such movies. 

If you had like 20 such movies you'd make $1,000 a month in "passive" income, which is not to be sneezed at. 

Especially considering your entire budget for that movie was like what?  $200?  $300? 

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Posted: 1/16/2017 6:42:02 AM
Ha!  His budget was much more than 2 or 3 hundred,, The time and effort. The post production costs.. Wow! and you say "if you had like 20 such movies you'd make $1,000 a month"   2 or 3 hundred.... I guess that's your way of saying you watched it and it couldn't have cost more than that.... Ahh well, Marius at his finest...

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Posted: 1/16/2017 7:13:57 AM
Thank you for the input, roadkill. 

That's rather my way of saying I do also make motion picture stuff and have therefore an idea of what can be done with what.  Or what should be anyway.   

If I made a similar self-made talky video, shot in my house and one or two other locations with unknown actors/friends/acquaintances over a weekend, that would be the maximum I'm willing to spend.  Actually I'd rather spend far less. 

Maybe Vince spent more, maybe he spent less, maybe he spent his life savings on it.  Rookie mistake, no biggie.  If he spent a fortune, he probably did it in the days he still dreamed of putting in everything and seeing it picked up by a major studio and making millions with it.  We've all been there.  Usually that's where we start out.  The big dream that consumes us.  

But now that he knows realistically where such movies end up, for example as online freebies that can make a maximum of $50 a month each, he has a far better idea of what should be spent on it.  I think $200 to $300 is a generous maximum for it to be worth it and see a profit in a reasonable time.  

Yes, some like James Rogers say they don't care about the money.  But the venture should at least make sense. 

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