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Posted: 5/1/2017 11:30:33 AM
Hello indieclubbees!  Been a while.   I suppose by now even less of you are active on this forum.  I assume most of you are dead by now.  

For those that are clinging to dear life, let's chat.   

Wow, can you believe it's May already?  Please remind me that I need to renew my vehicle license.  It expires every May. 

And then I have movie shoots lined up for this month.  Crazy schedule.  Interesting how after I decided to retire from filmmaking, filmmaking won't let me go. 

Do anybody here still do movies?  Or dream to?   Tell me all about it in as few words as possible. 

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Posted: 5/11/2017 3:26:19 PM
I'm still kickin'.. but I'm thinking at this point maybe I'll spend more time looking for other people's cheap and crappy movies to work on rather than try in vane to make my own..  Grandma use to say "stick to your stong points"..  I can see  myself making CGI characters and comping them into scenes for other people,,, or building props or making things out of rubber and plastic to help others tell their stories.... What I like about this idea is that I don't need to do it for the money.  I've got plenty of that.  I'd just like to see some more of my stuff in a movie.. It's been a while....  Did I mention I can shoot quadcopter footage in 4K also?

I've discovered a primer that I can use on urethane castings that allows paint to stick to it.  This has been a real problem in the past when using urethane casting resins.. Well, I found a company that sells a 2 part primer.  I've got a small sample on order to find out if it really works...

The plan is simple now. I have molds for a few creations that I'd like to use to make copies to paint and sell... Not quite film making but it's employs the same skill set for making things that are in movies.....  I don't know, maybe this is just my death rattle or maybe I just don't care that much about movies anymore.  Face it; most films these days are truly hollow and not at all worth watching. Low budget, high budget- it doesn't matter. Somehow people have forgotten how to tell stories.

So, off I go to the grocery store to pick up a couple boxes of shake and bake so I can get dinner going.  bye for now...

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Posted: 5/13/2017 11:12:46 AM
Try in vane did you say?  I'll never understand what you find so daunting about filmmaking.  But maybe that just wasn't where you found yourself feeling at home.   

Anyway, if you're itching to sculpt something to see appear in a movie, I could give you an assignment for three sculptures if you'd like.  I'll be releasing a DVD trilogy within the next 90 days.  It's a nice story that will make you go like "wow yes, now THAT's storytelling!!!"  

If you want to make said sculptures for the aforementioned release, ask for more info.

Enjoy your shaking and baking!  And I hope you didn't mean you're addicted to crystal meth. 

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Posted: 5/13/2017 1:48:16 PM
Film making is daunting to me because I see what others are doing.  I'm sure that most people who go to the trouble of producing a film honestly believe they are making something good but they almost always end up making something very mediocre and forgetable. .... and that's the best case scenario.  Most of the time then end up with 90 minutes of pointless junk... I'm too much of a perfectionist to spend a chunk of money on something that won't stand up to my expectations...  That's the easiest way I can explain it.

Mike Conway
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Posted: 5/14/2017 2:09:33 AM
 James, I think you are spot on with your statement.  Everyone sets out to make something great and the result is usually.....  Well, you know.  

I remember you being quite surprised, when I gave you some frank opinions in a phone call, several years back.  Sure, I&apo;m supportive, and I do like to point out the positives (as Marius noted in another thread).  While I largely agree with you, I think you know, as well as I, just how hard it is to complete a feature, even one that is hard for others to watch.

One thing I always thought was funny, was how a lot of indie people would bag on Hollywood movies.  I&apo;m the opposite; because of indies, I very much appreciate just how well most Hollywood movies are made.  There are enough films that people forget that they are made by the top .001% of talent.   (Definitely more on the technical side than the original script side, but yeah.)

I look at things a bit differently now.  I used to wield the credit cards like play money, but since going through that last recession, I&apo;m not doing that kind of thing anymore.  My kids are at an age where they need more of my time and resources.  I&apo;m not even putting on IndieMeet, this year, because of home priorities.

I will still eventually produce something new, but I&apo;ll be more cautious, taking into consideration that I don&apo;t want to waste precious time on something sub-par.  

I wanted to do that werewolf flick, but after discussing it with you, a couple dozen wolfman movies came out!  It would also require a budget that I just don&apo;t have.  I have to think of being practical, but if I do something with effects, I&apo;ll try to remember what you said here, as well as your past offers.

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Posted: 5/14/2017 8:46:29 AM
So if I read you correctly Jamesy, you're saying because other people make crappy films you've disallowed yourself to make any films. 

.......  ok.   

"Low budget, high budget- it doesn't matter. Somehow people have forgotten how to tell stories."

Here's my theory on the real problem:  Filmmaking has become an industry on its own.   

The really good writers and storytellers from history were never just writers and storytellers.  
They did their writing, painting and whatever art on the side.  For day to day living, they had other employment.  They lived among actual people where there was work, and work probably wasn't confined only to one or two metropolitan areas. 

Being part of the world in this manner gave them their ideas and inspirations and taught them how people think, talk, live and relate to each other.  That's what made their stories good.  True life experience.   

Today, hollywood and filmmaking is almost completely isolated industries that have "specialized" unmarried libtard freaks as writers, actors producers and the lot, who do only one task in isolation as a career, with no clue on how actual people live, and no interest in it either.  Actual people are seen as "wrong" for not being as tv and movies tell them to be. 

These unrelatable "film industry" freakshows live isolated in apartments with only the terribly written garbage on their television screens being their view into the world, which is a fake, distorted view, in other words, not a view at all, written and acted out by ignorant low quality unhappy libtard freaks such as themselves.  So they learn wrong things and the garbage snowballs.   

Though they try to depict the following, what do these people know about what family life is like for actual families?  What do they know about the actual roles of a father?  A mother?   A parent and child? What do they know about what the jobs and lives and thinking of actual people is like?  What do they know about the precious gift of real human emotions?  What do they know about actual roles people play in their culture and setups?  What do they know about life?  What do they know about different peoples and different countries?

They don't, because they live in an artificial little world where such things are foreign concepts.   

So no mattery how hard they try, they can't produce actual representations of such things because they have no idea.  

So people like you notice they resort to cliché pretentious bullshit, fake and meaningless.  Not to mention the horrific bullshit methods they fall back on to cover the lack of good story, making things worse. 

Then you get depressed because you wanted to be part of that world but you can't bring yourself to be less than you are. 

Or something.  Now I'm gonna go have tea.  Excuse me gentlemen!

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Posted: 5/14/2017 9:54:17 AM
Ah, good tea.  Now there's still 30 minutes to chat before pizza party night. 

"I look at things a bit differently now.  I used to wield the credit cards like play money, but since going through that last recession, I&apo;m not doing that kind of thing anymore."

It's probably a spirit of the times thing.  I also don't pay money on filmmaking anymore.  

For years up until about 2 years ago, I paid people to be in or work on my movies.  I thought it was very professional of me.  Of course this limited the amount of people I could involve, which influenced everything about every production.  

But then I stopped paying.  This allowed me to drop the budget limitation of how many people I could involve.  

The result is I nowadays have more people involved and they seem to love it.  I guess the secret is to not use people who do filmmaking or acting for a living, but are still actually good at it.  This makes them independent on payment from me, which means they can do as much as I want them to do and they have the time for.

I asked one guy why his wife and him played in my movies when I offered nothing.  He says his wife likes to make others think she's famous.  It's like a badge of importance for her to say she's appeared in a film.  

Then I asked an old woman why she's doing it.  She says the grandchildren get very excited about grandma appearing in a movie.  It's something she can tell others about.  

Another girl said she did it again because last time she played in my movie, the movie simply blew the minds of everybody she showed it to and their favorable reactions was one of the highlights of her life.  

Last week I gave a lift to a black woman and a stranger.  The stranger asked her if this is actually happening;  are they meeting the movie star? 

I'm like what what?   What are they talking about?  

Turns out in 2005 I gave a DVD to a woman who played in the movie and by now the woman is deceased and her daughter inherited the movie and love it as it's the only video recording she has of her mother living and breathing, and then they saw me in that and realised it's the same guy who's in a movie the daughter had bought in 2008.

So they see me as some kind of movie star.  

Then I told them I'm releasing a DVD trilogy in 3 months and they pre-ordered verbally.  

Bottom line is, I don't think we ever truly realise what we mean to others and what effect we have on their lives.  We think nobody notice but they do. 

So, now that I don't pay, and you, Mike Conway, don't want to pay either, isn't it odd that James says he has enough money and doesn't need more, for his offerings above? 

Spirit of the times thing it seems.  People don't put that all-consuming absolute importance on money anymore.  What happened? 

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Posted: 5/14/2017 11:41:32 AM
Some of what you say is true, Marius, but there is also the age thing. I think you might be in your early 30s. Mike and I are in our early 50's.  When I was in my 30's I had so much get up and go. Meeting people, learning the arts and sciences of film making. Spending money, writing scripts, I actually came close 3 seperate times to real success. 3 seperate millionaires ready to back me.  For one reason or another, all 3 slipped away but I still never gave up...  Now, in my 50's I don't seem to have as much mental engergy as I did back then.  My priorities have also shifted.  When you're young you see your future stretched out ahead of you and it seems like it will go on forever.  When you get older, you do begin to realize your own mortality.  I'm getting older and I will someday die.  My priority now it just enjoying life and preparing myself financially for retirement.. And when I say retirement, I mean, leaving my 9-5 job with steady income.  I will always work but when I retire I will no longer be worrying about needing a steady income.  I'll be able to work in my small studio making things that I want to make for myself or other people.  Money will not be as much of a factor.  I don't know if you can understand this.  When I was your age it never crossed my mind that I could not go on forever chasing my dreams...  But I will say this, of all the people I grew up with, I am the only one who did not give up.  The others quit decades ago and settled into "normal" lives.

"So if I read you correctly Jamesy, you're saying because other people make crappy films you've disallowed yourself to make any films. "

What I meant was, I have to consider the possibility that anything I might make might be just as bad as what "they" are making.  As I said, nobody sets out to make a bad movie but it happens that way most of the time anyway.  I can no longer afford$$  the risk... Yes, I have some money but I can't keep on spending like a drunken sailor.... In the movie Saturday Night Fever  Tony's boss tells him he needs to save a little for the future. Tony says "oh, fuck the future".. To this, the boss replys " No, Tony.  You don't fuck the future.  The future fucks you. it creeps up on you and fucks you"..   I don't know about South Africa but in the USA not having some money when you are old puts you in a very vulnerable position.

Mike, you ever want to make that werewolf movie or any other, count me in.  Maybe some sort of a co-production.  You produce the movie and score, maybe someone else can produce the locations and waredrobe, someone else the practical effect, I could do the "monster effects" and maybe some of the CGI. We all work for free and kick 3 or 5 grand a piece to cover costs. Maybe we could get Darlyn to be our lawyer and sales rep.. Can you see it; a bunch of us old guys getting together and making a movie.... Find LWaddict and Greg Parker.  I know one or two guys who might be interested...... Ha! It almost sounds like one of those movies where the old farts break out of the retirement home to take one last crack at robbing a bank or racing in the Indianapolis 500...

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Posted: 5/15/2017 12:50:58 PM
Lol, sounds like you overthink filmmaking a lot.  Less think, more do!  Remember you're not a hollywood studio.  If you want to work there, move there and go apply for jobs. 

Since you're not going to, remember to have fun with filmmaking.  Write something, shoot it, edit, viola.  Film de la creme.   No mess no fuss.  Upload, share, market, sell (if any buyers), make the next one.  Improve every time.   

Yes, that's about as exciting as it gets.  Doesn't sound very exciting but it's one of those you gotta be there and live through it things.  Doing it more will give you confidence in it, not overthinking it before even shooting one page. 

But whatever.  I know you hate being encouraged so I'll stop.  Besides, you already said you'd rather sculpt props. 

So I'll get to work on writing up your sculpting assignment.  It's almost something like your wolf-man dolly we need sculpted, just scaled up so you can get the details finer and smoother.   

But I'll start a thread either later today or tomorrow and discuss the details.  You did still want to, right, or is that sooo yesterday?   

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