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Posted: 9/13/2017 8:52:42 PM

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Posted: 9/13/2017 11:02:44 PM
What the devil are you doing James?  I basically gave you the chance of mostly having me out of your life, just as you wished numerous times.  Instead, you just keep right on coming.  You find me that addictive do you?  Well, your next nervous breakdown is on you, 'sall I'm sayin'.  I'm washing my hands of your further suffering.  

I had a glance at your video whilst busy with other things, but I'll have a proper watch soon and give you my verdict.  

Meantime, I did pick up your anti-white racist song with which you make fun of the mutilation and deaths of white people.  Made you look stupid because - guess what?  YOU'RE WHITE.  Welcoming your own destruction?  Typical of dumb americans weened on Marxist propaganda.  You're just screaming "Kill us please!  We'll help you.  We like to be destroyed and killed.  We beg you, kill us!  Destroy our country and culture and civilization!"

All in good time.  

But for now, as for the rest of your video, I did pick up that I inspired you in many ways.  I'm glad of that.  If you keep going like this, maybe we'll cure you of your fear of filmmaking and soon you'll want to try making even bigger and better films.  We may just get you from comfortable suburbanite to struggling artist yet!  ........... yes, I meant it to sound like an improvement.  I guess it's kind of a jump into the mud.  But mud can be nice.  Pigs will tell ya.  Right before you eat them.    

Whatever.  Gotta go get some processes started for the day.  Later!  Maybe. 

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Posted: 9/14/2017 4:43:54 AM
The song kill the white people is a comedy piece Eddie Murphy did back when he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live.  I thought it was funny.

I offered you a fig leaf.  Did you not see that?
I'm not trying to be your friend.  You're just an irritant that keeps me from wanting to converse with the other member of this nearly dead board.
I made the video as a spure of the moment thing.  3 hours tops, and it was done. Don't read too much into the effort I made.  It was mostly for me.  The original cut had a scene with my wife and son but I chose to take it out.  I didn't see any reason to subject them to any more of the abuse than you already heap on people you don't even know..

I took a shot.  I tried to make some kind of peace with you but , of course, you are too far gone to recognize that.  It doesn't really matter though, does it?  I'll finish typing this note then I'll begin my day.  A day that has nothing to do with you.  Same with you.  I'm sure you've got things to do too.  Not enough hours in the day to be dwelling on internet trivialities.

It ends
Not with a bang but with a wihmper...

Mike Conway
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Posted: 9/14/2017 11:14:33 AM
 For what it is worth, that quad copter flight was beautiful!  Such a green, picturesque neighborhood you live in.  It looks like a nice place to live.  I&apo;m not sure what the appeal of Florida is to you and other people, with its 80% humidity, Zika mosquitos, and everything else.  I understand wanting a change of culture.  Also, Greg Parker lives there.

As for you and Marius, it was nice to see the olive branch and a response that was not laced with profanities.  I don&apo;t like to interfere with posts, but if you guys both agree and want something negative gone, I can do that.  I think we could do that and still keep the bulk of the threads.  Just say the word and what thread.  I&apo;m not your moderator, but I will help with mutual requests, if possible.

I propose this:  Both of you stop with the insult, from here on.  Stay on topic.  That way, you can both comment and keep personal issues out.  It doesn&apo;t matter if you hate or like each other, I want you to comment as professional people.  A little sarcasm is okay, but no insults.  Leave Scott&apo;s grandmother to me.  :>)

Do I have permission to remove insults or profanities from recent threads?  I need it from both of you.  Scott, I would like to have your vote, as well.

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Posted: 9/14/2017 12:15:26 PM
For the sake of the board, I say remove insults and profanities.  I'm not sure what good it will do for the future since there is one amungst us who seem incapable of acting civil..... and to be honest, with him around, I don't think I'll be very enthusiastic about participating any longer.

Mike Conway
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Posted: 9/14/2017 1:06:52 PM
 Okay, let us not worry about the other guy.  I want to know if you want to go forward with posts that don't involve insults.  Yes?  You said that it might encourage others to post.  Good idea.  Now, I'll wait to hear from the other two.
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Posted: 9/14/2017 1:28:07 PM
Sorry to keep you waiting there J.  Tried to watch it properly sooner but it was hectic;  kids needed to get ready for school and dog needed to be fed and servants needed to be organized and I'm doing renovations and it was noisy and I'm making the last of the trilogies.  But the hours are quite enough in a day.  You wanted more?  Won't work out mathematically. 

Anyway, where were we?

"The song kill the white people is a comedy piece Eddie Murphy did back when he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live.  I thought it was funny."

Uh, yeah, that's how Marxist propaganda works.  It doesn't announce itself as "Here follows Marxist propaganda:".  It's hidden in full view in "entertainment", usually in comedy, and fed to you while you're mesmerized in order to corrupt your association making and get your conscent through your lack of protest. 

You think if you weren't brainwashed in this manner, you would otherwise have found the idea of killing white people funny?

Trust me, over here these "funny" slogans and corruptions have gone over into action and official policy, and it's NOT funny.  When you start waking up and seeing your neighbours have been tortured to death in ritualistic fashion and their children raped and executed, suddenly you'll wonder how you could ever allow yourself to be so played by the media into thinking it was okay to let it all slip into your society disguised as "entertainment". 

But yeah, your nation still has a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go before you realise these things.  You're still in some kind of drugged stupor hollywood party life fantasy.  I'm not saying be afraid of the good ol' buck toothed nigger at the grocery store who greets you friendly every day for twenty years.  Or the muslim Khaled who sells you your electronics.  Instead, be wary of the specialized terrorist groups funded with your tax dollars whose activities are kept secret from you by your smokescreen media, who are specialising in power struggles.      

I give it ten years and you'll realise you have a problem from which you're not going to recover.  

But now let's get to the rest of your video:

Overall, I liked it.  I like your little James Rogers movies now.  Each one better than the last.  Well, there's been only two recent ones, but this one is already better than the first.  

Sometimes you might look at composition.  You cut off your head at around 1:11 for example for the whole shot.  Place the relevant subject inside the frame, which here is you.  

"Missing scene" - Classic :)

"... I like to fly my quad copter.   I think I'm gonna fly my quadcopter." - Loved the way you delivered this line.  

Love the aerial work.  You seem to have a much better handle now on that little mcgafter.  

Your neighbourhood is nice but the streets just ruined it all.  All cracked.  Too bad because everything else looked like an ideal Industrial Light & Magic cgi scene.   

Why do you shave your leg hair?  Does manlyness gross you out?  That explains the gay parade flag for a hamuck. 

Some of the shots you can edit slightly tighter.  Some can be started later.  Not all shots need to be started with nothing on screen yet and then you walk in about 5 seconds later.  Some can but others not. 

"Oh hey did you notice my wall?"   Lol, yes, we noticed your wall from the moment you showed it :)

"Let's go throughem one at a time shall we?"  then you never do.  :D  Cute.  I know the one from Planet Of The Apes!  Yay!

Your quaint little living room is nice.  Did Marisol do that?  Lovely!  I can see why you're keeping her around. 

Now why aren't you wearing socks? 

"What is filmmaking really but expressing yourself in SOME way?"  Lol, no, filmmaking is about making a film and expressing yourself in the film medium specifically. 

"I'm not the woman who's fucking his maid".  Lol, you do know that made absolutely no sense.  :D

I think the zoom recorder is what you made me pay $10 for.  You said otherwise I'll just want it cuz it's free :D  Don't worry about it;  it's still an unbeatable price for it.  Preciate it :)  It's been most useful and working hard. 

Ok, well that's the end of your movie.  *clapping hands*

What can I respond about your subject matter of Marius driving you up the wall?  Uhhmm... I can't think of anything right now. 

Maybe I don't really translate well into text.  And conversation only can be a bitch.  It would probably be different offline for example if you're in front of me and I offer you brandy and coke with ice before we sit down and talk and drink and then start doing stuff, whether filmmaking related or table tennis.  It's more fun for me to do filmmaking than babble about its technicalities asif it's interesting.  

Another cause is, as you've mentioned before, I'm extremely intelligent.  This means I find things others find impressive because they're more simple minded, boring.

Other things I like simple while others prefer them overtly complicated.  Like a cellphone.

Sometimes I type something in a playful tone, but of course in text it's all just as it is, and can be interpreted in any way.  You seem to always take everything as intended as angry or something. 

And so forth and forth.  I don't really have an answer.  But feel free to talk to everybody on this forum anyway.  Don't let me keep you from whatever you want to share.  I'll try and  keep my thoughts to myself mostly.   

Anyway, thanks for the entertaining movie.  Simple as your movies are, I find I can watch through them.  Unlike a lot of other stuff in the media that we're supposed to think is cool. 

And go ahead;  do show us Marisol.  I'd like to see this chick who stole your heart. 

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Posted: 9/14/2017 1:39:42 PM
"Do I have permission to remove insults or profanities from recent threads?  I need it from both of you."

No, I don't think we should go into a whole past erasure frenzy. 

Instead, just populate the board with what you do want. 

Why don't you start ten threads and James ten threads that might be appealing to all the hordes of people James is going to send to this board apparently? 

Just purposely change it systematically into some positive film discussion of whatever filmmaking people are talking about right now. 

Personally I think it's not important because nobody is coming anyway.  Not pessimistic, just not thinking we're talking numbers that high that we should try to erase our past.  We need the past to track our development. 

Mike Conway
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Posted: 9/14/2017 2:19:39 PM
 Okay, cool.  I have no desire to go through past threads.  I have no desire to moderate.  If this keeps up, like the rest of this thread has, there is no need to.

One other comment, that Marius, I mean, mokkimachi touched on.  That is the pacing of the shots in James' videos.  I see it as a style.  The realtime perception of working on a car or frying bacon, puts the viewer in the room with him.  No whiz bang, just hanging out.  I don't do that, but I think it's cool that James does.

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Posted: 9/14/2017 3:15:43 PM
Thank you, Mike :)

I didn't take the time to make fine adjustments to the edit really.  I probably would have tightened up the timing a bit.. however, I did consciously decide to let each scene open long to give the viewer a chance to see my home before I came in and started talking.

To be honest, I was more interested in the message of the video than the technical aspects of it.  I did take the time to design the scenes similiarly to how I would shoot a movie but it was all done on the fly and a couple of mistakes were made.

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 9/14/2017 5:00:00 PM
Very cool vid, James! Those drone shots are very nice.
Well done my friend!


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Posted: 9/14/2017 5:21:14 PM
Thank you, SV!  The Yuneec Q500 4K  quadcopter has a good camera and  2 axis gimble.   Nice to see that you are still here :)

Sv Bell | Black Flag Pictures
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Posted: 9/14/2017 8:39:04 PM
Oh sure thing, I'm still hanging around IndieClub!
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Posted: 9/14/2017 11:33:56 PM
WTF????!!  Corndemarzio?  Corndemajio?  Corndemachio?  What the hell are you saying?  I never called the poor dude that. 

I just had a few friendly nicknames for him, but you just had to take it too far!  Have some respect for Mike, James. 

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