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Welcome, Filmmakers & crew! This section of IndieClub is specifically for directors, producers, and crew members. Here are some benefits...

Your Profile – IndieClub can help you network! Use your profile to connect with others. Check out other members’ profiles, and invite them to be your IndieClub Friend. And don’t forget to promote your work! We encourage you to upload your headshot, resume, demo reel, trailers, video clips, and audio clips to your profile. Additionally, you can upload entire scripts, business plans, and other files to your profile and either hide or password-protect the file (or both). This conveniently allows you to direct others to your profile and give them a password so they can view your work.  If you’re not sure how to fill out your profile, check out IndieClub Creator Eric Colley’s Profile & Business Manager Hallie Shepherd’s Profile for ideas on how to maximize the available features. Also, Pro Members have detailed statistics so you can see how many people (and what type – Directors, Producers, Actors, etc) have clicked different features on your profile.

Message Board - On the Message Board, you can talk with other filmmakers, writers, actors, and crew. Pro Members can create a special Poll thread (a multiple choice question that other members can vote on). This is useful if you want to get feedback on something. For example, you could create a poll that said: “I’m shooting a low-budget short film next month. Which camera should I use?” Then you fill in the form with four options (e.g. A. Panasonic HVX200, B. Canon XL1, C. 16MM, or D. RED). Or if you’re choosing from four poster designs for your DVD cover art, you can have people vote on your four poster options. Or if you want to simply spark a conversation, you could create a poll that said: “Which of these M. Night Shyamalan movies is your favorite?” (e.g. A. Sixth Sense, B. Signs, C. The Village, or D. The Last Airbender). And then the voting begins.

Posting Board – There are many uses for the posting board!
If you are looking to hire actors or crew, post your Job Posting on the Posting Board. Additionally, Pro Members are able to do extensive sorting and ranking of their incoming submissions, “grading” incoming submissions (grades are for your eyes only). You can also group submissions by personalized categories you create. For example, you may create four groups, such as these: 1. Confirmed for Saturday auditions, 2. Confirmed for Sunday auditions, 3. Waiting for Reply, and 4. The ‘No’ Pile. And with a simple click, you can change the status of each submission.

If you are holding an Event, create an announcement for the posting board. If you have a piece of equipment to sell, create Classified Ad.

If you have a Press Release or noteworthy News Article, post it!

Create Announcements as your movie enters into Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post, and Release. (Note: We recommend that you do THIS step before you create your cast/crew calls for feature films, so that you can link your job posting directly to a specific film’s Project Announcement.)

If you are looking to team up with other producers or distributors or any type of partnership, create a Seeking post.

Also, check the Posting Board for things that you can apply to, reply to, or attend. Pro Members can apply to an unlimited number of jobs and can also track all of their job submissions through their My Page so they know when each submission has been received & viewed.

Awesome Discounts
- Pro Members receive discounts from our Sponsor Company partners. One of our coolest partnerships is with Fractured Atlas, a national non-profit organization that funds and sponsors the arts and provides vital support to artists (including filmmakers, writers, and actors). They provide access to funding, film insurance, health insurance, and education. All IndieClub Pro Members receive a complimentary membership with Fractured Atlas (a $75/year value). In addition to our Fractured Atlas partnership, we have other great deals for our filmmakers in our Sponsor Company Discount section.


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