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Welcome, Writers! This section of IndieClub is specifically for writers.

Swap Your Script - Our brand-new swap system is a fantastic feature for writers. Feedback is such an important part of the revision process for any writer. Within the Posting Board, we have created a secure swap system for exchanging feedback with another writer. For security reasons, only Pro Members are allowed to participate in swaps to ensure that you are not swapping your script with an anonymous email address.

Script Format Guide - It is very important to know the correct formatting standards before you begin writing your screenplay. As a starting point, read our guide.

Screenwriting Competitions - These are a great way to gain exposure and writing contacts in the industry (and possibly win money). Check out our list!

Education – This section gives an overview of writing programs, classes, conferences, MFA programs, and info on how to educate yourself!

Tools & Resources - As a writer, your #1 resource is your creative mind. However, there are other important tools and resources that any smart writer needs. In this section, you’ll find info on screenwriting software, books for writers, places you can buy or read produced screenplays, movies about writing, and links to partners and other online resources.

Your Profile – IndieClub can help you network! Use your profile to connect with others. Check out other members’ profiles, and invite them to be your IndieClub Friend. Also, consider starting a writers’ group with other IndieClub writers in your area. And don’t forget to promote your work! We encourage you to upload writing samples to your profile. Additionally, you can upload entire scripts to your profile and either hide or password-protect the file (or both). This conveniently allows you to direct others to your profile and give them a password so they can view your work. If you’re not sure how to fill out your profile, check out IndieClub Creator Eric Colley’s Profile & Business Manager Hallie Shepherd’s Profile for ideas on how to maximize the available features.

Message Board - On the Message Board, you can talk with other writers and filmmakers. Pro Members can create a special Poll thread (a multiple choice question that other members can vote on). This is useful if you want to get feedback on your title name, concept, a specific line, etc. It is also a really fun feature if you simply want to spark a conversation. For example, you could create a poll that said: “Which movie had the most realistic dialogue?” Then you fill in the form with four movie options, and the voting begins.

Posting Board - Check the Posting Board for job postings for writers; classified announcements regarding classes, workshop, and conferences; events that are great networking opportunities for writers; and more. If you have written a script or book that you are trying to option, sell, or pitch, you can also create your own posting to list your script or book.

Awesome Discounts - Pro Members receive discounts from our Sponsor Company partners. One of our coolest partnerships is with Fractured Atlas, a national non-profit organization that funds and sponsors the arts and provides vital support to artists (including filmmakers, writers, and actors). They provide access to funding, film insurance, health insurance, and education. All IndieClub Pro Members receive a complimentary membership with Fractured Atlas (a $75/year value). In addition to our Fractured Atlas partnership, we have other great deals for our writers, such as discounts off admission to writing workshops across the nation. Some of these discounts are huge! For example, The Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe gave a $350 discount off admission to IndieClub Pro Members. As upcoming conference/workshops approach, new discounts will be posted in the Sponsor Company Discount section.

New Writing Features Coming Soon:
Ask the Pro’s – interviews with successful, working screenwriters
Samples – loglines, synopses, treatments, beat sheets, TV bibles, more!
Agents & Managers – Get an agent and maximize your experience
Legal Stuff – info on options, sales, screen credit, payment, and unions
Book Publishing – the in’s & out’s of the book industry

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