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Good screenwriting software is easy to use. It will automatically paginate and format your script to industry standards as you write. As you familiarize yourself with the shortcuts and additional features, you will be able to write very quickly. Below are popular screenwriting applications. You can buy these (and upgrades) from the company websites, but we found the cheapest prices for Movie Magic and Final Draft on Amazon.com.

The Big Two:

A Couple Alternatives:

  • Scriptware
    Sold at various Southern California stores, you can also purchase Scriptware directly off their website for $199 (sale price as of July 15, 2010). They also offer a $99 competitive upgrade if you already own various other screenwriting software applications.
  • SceneWriter Pro
    You can try out their free download before making a purchase of the actual software. As of July 15, 2010, the retail price on their website was $59.99, but a 50% off promo took the price tag all the way down to $29.99.


Less than a Penny (a.k.a Free):


If we haven’t mentioned your favorite screenwriting software, please use the Contact Us form to shoot us an email and let us know!

Before making a final decision on screenwriting software, please do your own additional research to make sure you are getting something that is right for your needs.

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