(this is helpful information re: all emails and websites - not just relating to our website)

Unfortunately there are many hackers, spammers, etc. in the world today and because of that we'd like to warn you that you should never click on links that you receive via email. We may send you a link, but we suggest copying and pasting this link into your Internet browser as opposed to clicking it. Also, make sure the domain name ( is the actual domain that is in the link.

Why is copying and pasting better than clicking?
Because what you see and what it is are 2 different things. Many hackers will send an email that might look like this:
BUT the actual programmed link that is hidden might goto something like:
This is similar to when you see a link on a website that might say CONTACT US, but it is actually taking you to a contact page like The words CONTACT US just describe what you are clicking on, but it hides the link info because it's not descriptive or attractive to show you the link. Unfortunately, this is how hackers can trick you via email links. So understing how links work can help you combat this issue.

If you are unsure about a link that we send you, please contact us or give us a call. We'd be happy to help!



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